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Audio Visual needs for Brand Activations

A successful brand activation is at the top of every Marketing Executive’s check list. Brand activations use the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. The competitive atmosphere of branded marketing events and the social media appeal they possess require stellar event planning and technical event production.  Influencers flock to brand activations ( art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences) to foster their sense of being a VIP tastemaker and to take photos, videos, and gifs to share with their social media followers who in turn, vicariously live through their experiences.  This trickle-down effect is Marketing gold but also puts the pressure on experiential event planners and designers to make the next event more successful than the last.

Included under the umbrella of technical event production, lighting and audio/visual play a huge role in the success of brand activations, large or small.  

The following is a checklist to help you execute an impactful experience that communicates your clients’ branding mission to the end consumer in the form of a unique and memorable event.


Lighting provides your guests with a strong and immediate visual experience by highlighting the most important design elements of your event. Lighting is used to enhance product placement, scenic themes, video content, staging, seating, and other focus points. 

There are several types of lighting that BML-Blackbird Theatrical Servicescan provide that will give your event the desired affect/mood and compliment the brands’ colors.

Conventional Lights include PAR cans (a circular or oval soft edged pool of light), Ellipisodial fixtures (fixed-beam size static spotlights allowing you to light people and things strategically without washing out other lighting), LED wall washes, and Fresnel fixtures that provide high powered, soft-edged light.  

Intelligent Lights, also known as moving lights, have mechanical abilities and can be programmed to change color and positioning.  Moving lights are great for floods, beams, and elaborate air effects.  BML-Blackbird has a full inventory of cutting edge moving light technology made by manufacturers like Robe, Martin Professional, Chauvet, Elation Professional, High End Systems, and more. 

Gobos are stencils or templates placed inside, or in front of, a light source to control the shape of the light emitted. Gobos are used with projectors and simpler light sources to create lighting scenes, project logos on red carpets, dance floors, walls, and more.


Similar to lighting, video can be a focal point of your event design. Video capabilities include indoor/outdoor LED walls (various resolutions and sizes), touch screens, projection and monitor packages, studio-grade camera systems, record/playback in any format, and video engineering.


Audio packages include (but not limited to) microphones, monitors, wireless systems, professional DJ gear, and backline.

Speaker Systems, Processing and Amplification: To deliver perfect sound you need maximum clarity and minimum distortion. We can supply everything from full flown line arrays for large festivals and events to ground stacks systems suitable for smaller venues with low ceilings. 

Audio Consoles: Our inventory of audio mixing consoles is perfect for live events. We supply all front of house systems, full monitor backup and both digital and analog equipment.

Microphones, Monitors and DJ Gear:  We offer wired and wireless compact and dynamic microphones and podium microphones as well as monitor systems and complete DJ systems. Everything you need to get your party started!

Staging and Rigging

BML-Blackbird offers extensive staging inventory in all shapes and sizes.  Our stages can be rolling or stationary and we have the in-house facilities to custom fabricate for the most challenging locations. BML can also provide crowd control solutions, soft goods such as drapes, carpets, and other set materials. 

The primary mission of the BML-Blackbird’s Rigging department is safety, period. Our riggers are extensively trained and we take pride that our overhead equipment is of no concern to our clients. 

Our equipment is regularly inspected and is bar none among the safest in the industry. 

Special Effects

There are a full range of effects including confetti cannons and blowers, low-lying fog, hazers, snow machines, strobe lighting mirror balls and more.

Why BML-Blackbird? 

As an event planner/designer, it is beneficial to collaborate with one company that can meet all of your AV needs.  Technology in live production is the core of operations at the New Jersey based BML-Blackbird.  Servicing the tri-state area as well as national tours and exhibitions for over 40 years, we are a full-service technical event production company offering state of the art equipment, professional labor, custom production design and equipment rental packages made for complete solutions, large or small.  

We are a solution-oriented company that works tirelessly to execute flawless events for our clients while providing 5-star service and professionalism.  Consider BML-Blackbird a partner, not just a vendor!

BML-Blackbird Theatrical Services provides exceptional lighting, rigging, staging, audio and video services for every industry, every format including Corporate Events, Concerts, Private Events, and Sporting Events. BML-Blackbird has full offering of technical services from inception to completion.