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All production is theatrical in nature.

Focusing the senses is accomplished through the magic of theater. Be it a dramatic play, a concert, a business meeting, a product presentation or any other application – the purpose of the production is to focus the participants’ attention and to accentuate the subject of the event. Our passion is creating that magic through the use of technology.

BML-Blackbird’s love of technology and rich history of experience in live production is the core of our operations. We not only know about all the latest and greatest products, but understand how to best use them for our clients. Our experience makes us specialists in creating resourceful solutions for even the most unique and challenging scenarios.

In our industry, the only certainty is that there are no certainties. Responding to changes in real-time with innovative fixes is what sets us apart. Each member of our team helps to make this happen by bringing their own strengths and passions to the table.

BML-Blackbird By The Numbers

Employees who observe National Gorilla Suit Day


Employees with 5+ years at the company


Gloves with holes


Areas of the world we've collectively seen


Employees with unusual nicknames


Employees that love working here


We always say that this industry is not for faint of heart, but that is why we love it. We thrive on new challenges.

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