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When the hectic day of a trade show approaches, seamless execution will require not only the basics of a trusted power source and proper lighting, but the experience and expertise of technical professionals. When it comes to technical production equipment and personnel needs, BML-Blackbird is the team you turn to for major trade shows in NYC, Vegas and everywhere in between.

Full-Service Trade Show Packages

BML-Blackbird’s vast experience with convention center logistics qualifies us to manage everything from individual booth lighting to full exhibition production for event organizers. The greatest benefit of the BML-Blackbird full-service technical event production package is our ability to keep an eye on the big picture, ensuring cohesion from start to finish.

Trade Show Equipment

At BML-Blackbird, our broad array of event equipment spans every department, from lighting to power distribution, video to electronics and everything in between. We strive to provide clients with a large inventory of rentals housed in our expansive warehouse in Secaucus, NJ. Should your trade show require equipment we do not have readily available, we can get what you need to provide one cohesive package.

Trade Show Lighting

You’re excited about your convention – we’re excited to display it in the right light. Our expertise allows us to manage everything from individual booth lighting, right up to full exhibition production for event organizers. Some of  the services we provide include power distribution, labor, trucking and equipment.

Trade Show Audio

Whatever the message you are delivering to your attendees, we’re here to make sure it is crisp and clear. At BML-Blackbird our coordination, engineers and technicians understand the importance of your event and will work with you not only to select the best audio equipment for the job, but are also available to manage equipment operation when event day comes. Our team is known for organization and extensive preparation to provide top-quality sound for your carefully planned event.

Trade Show Video

As technology progresses, many individuals purchase sub-par technical equipment that’s simply “good enough” to get the job done and not the best tool for the job. At BML-Blackbird, we’re not okay with “good enough”.  When it comes to the visual you create for your audience and prospective customers, cutting corners with production does not impress. Working with our professional video production crew will provide you with the latest in technology, highly-proficient video directors and engineers, skilled and experienced technicians and crew. We strive to provide you with a fully integrated package based on your presentation needs.

Make your next trade show the one no one ever forgets.