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BML-Blackbird has a long history in this industry, affording us a level of knowledge that can help you every step along the way. We maintain a vast inventory of equipment including the latest technology and our personnel have years of experience to know how to handle even the most complex setup.

We understand that success is all about the preparation. We move in fast (and always accurately), set up quickly, manage the show effectively, then tear down and exit in a seamless progression. We pride ourselves on both flexibility and adaptability, and are always able to adjust to changing demands and situations in real time.

Lighting Design – Christopher Ragan | Photography – Scarlet Bucket

Location: The Altman Building

Corporate Events

Where matters of business are concerned, tact and a respect for privacy are paramount. We know that you expect both discretion and confidentiality. With BML-Blackbird, those considerations come guaranteed.

We also pledge that all personnel are well-organized and handle all hardware and equipment in a neat and clean manner. We fully appreciate the need to present a professional overall aesthetic, so you can be assured that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.


The fashion industry is a fast-paced and ever-evolving universe. To ensure success at every fashion show, with every step a model takes on the catwalk, you need a partner you can rely on. BML-Blackbird is that partner.

Our vast experience with fashion events has given us the knowledge and the skill to work quickly and with precision. There’s only one chance to get it right, and at BML-Blackbird, we always do.

Theater & Dance

BML-Blackbird has a long history providing technical support for theater and dance events. Success of these performances is all about preparation and full knowledge of the venue space and audience expectations.

At BML-Blackbird, we guarantee that all the services we provide for theater and dance events will exceed your expectations. Working with live performances, we pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and adapt to any changing situations in real-time, so every performance goes off without a hitch.


An outdoor festival can be a tricky production to pull off. At BML-Blackbird, we specialize in outdoor shows and proper preparation for unexpected weather conditions. We employ creative solutions to overcome difficult terrain, quickly and efficiently adapt to the changing needs of your event and guarantee the safety and satisfaction of all in attendance.

LIGHTING DESIGN – Shepherd Lowrey     Photography – Off Brand Project Location – Knockdown Center | La Luna Fest

Trade Shows

We are proud of our extensive history of providing production support for trade shows. This allows us to understand and navigate the complex – and usually unique – logistics of convention centers around the country to provide the very best for our clients every single time.

Sporting Events

BML-Blackbird has provided services for halftime shows, rallies and promotional events, often in very alternative venues. Events like these usually call for a fast turnaround. Impeccable preparation and planning allow us to be in place and on time at each and every sporting event.

Nonprofit Events

Nonprofit organizations typically have to work within limited budgets. We understand that it can be overwhelming, but our experts are here to work with you to find a solution that meets your expectations (and your budget). Our project managers are dedicated to providing a neat, clean and organized look for every aspect of your event.

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