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These days, everyone thinks they are a technology pro. Every day it becomes easier for the average person to purchase technical equipment they think is good enough to get the job done.

At BML-Blackbird’s video division, BML Video Services, we’re not okay with just good enough. From experience, we’ve seen that nothing looks worse than an ill-advised attempt at providing a service that, in reality, required a professional. Amateurism won’t win you many fans, and it certainly won’t impress prospective customers.

Full-Service Video Packages

Our video solutions are offered as a stand-alone option, of course, but they can also form part of a bigger package. We are the industry experts in audio production, lighting installation, even staging and access control.

Working with a professional video production company from the start solves a myriad of issues before they ever become problems. With a full-service package, you have access to:

  • The latest in technology
  • Highly proficient video directors and engineers
  • Skilled and experienced technicians including camera operators, tape operators and shaders
  • General crew
  • A fully integrated package, working with our lighting, audio and staging departments

Appointing a BML-Blackbird project coordinator allows us to keep an eye on the overall aesthetic of your event or show, an essential element in achieving your goals. Without a big-picture resource, most clients are lost when choosing which video medium would best suit their ambitions. We can advise you on every aspect of audio/visual rendering, and thus assure your objectives will be accomplished.

Live Event Video

Live events can be unpredictable, challenging and ultimately one of the most rewarding resources any company embraces.  The first time is the only time, so we have just one chance to get it right. That’s all we ever need.

We understand that an ability to move in fast, yet stay accurate, is largely reliant on preparation. This is what BML-Blackbird excels at. We have the history and experience you need, and our video experts and technicians keep up-to-date with all the latest technology.


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Corporate Event Video

Successful corporate events and conferences require a great deal of prowess and proficiency. We assure that attendees leave impressed and bragging about your event. With so many resources at your fingertips – LED Walls, projectors, IMAG camera packages, monitors and multiple playback options (including Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote) – it’s easy to make your corporate event the one people will be talking about for months (or years!) to come.

Professional operators and show crew are available, all of whom understand that the overall impression is important. Our equipment (including trucks) and all our personnel are neat, clean and well-organized.

We understand how important comprehensive presentation is to any corporate event, and that we represent you in every move we make. As such, our crews always operate with discretion and confidentiality.

10 Factors That Go Into a Technical Event Production Quote

While there are dozens of factors that can affect your technical production quote, we have compiled some of the most common areas you should be aware of before you start the process. Download this eBook to see how to most effectively manage your event budget.


Fashion is very often about specific design features and fashion shows with large audiences must display those intricate elements on enormously magnified scales. Delivering visual reinforcement to large audiences, with no loss of detail, requires deftness and delicacy of touch.

At BML-Blackbird, we strike the necessary balance using traditional projection, plasma equipment and LED walls. We’re also set up to provide camera packages for IMAG image magnification.

Trade Shows

At BML-Blackbird, we understand the peculiar logistics of convention center use, where the trappings of one show can be transiting out of the arena even as the next installation begins. You can rely on us to ensure rapid, accurate and responsive solutions to issues before (or as) they arise.

For trade shows, we provide everything from LED walls and screens, projection display equipment and plasma monitors, as well as camera packages.


Outdoor shows are an art form all to themselves.  Our project managers can advise on how best to prepare for any inclement weather, and offer creative solutions for the most difficult terrain. Our flexibility and adaptability allow us to conform to your current needs, and to emerging situations, in real time.

Many of our assets can operate in adverse elements, so when you’re choosing your LED screens, projectors and monitors, rest assured we will do our best to keep Mother Nature from interrupting the show!  We can also advise on alternative projection options for truly large-scale events.

Nonprofit Events

Nonprofit organizations very often have to operate within strict budgetary restraints. We understand this, and offer unique video production services tailored to work within limited financial allocations.

All our staff and equipment reflects the inherent seriousness of most nonprofit events, being neat, clean and impeccably organized.

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Sporting Events

BML-Blackbird has vast experience with halftime shows, rallies and promotional events. Such happenings often take place at very alternative venues and the creative solutions we pride ourselves on will always bring your vision to life.

With sport-centric occasions, extensive and precise prep is necessary to pull off an inspiring or entertaining performance within an extremely limited timeframe. Quick and efficient transport and operation of video equipment – from LED screens to projectors and monitors – is our specialty.

We are also fully proficient with all the protocols involved in interfacing with broadcast and television crews, and with using stadium systems to complement our own hardware and software-reliant equipment.


Private Events and Social Events

Video production elements are now a commonplace part of many private and social events. To ensure a flawless, professional presentation of your content at your most treasured experiences, we are here to help.

  • Birthday parties
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Sweet 16 celebrations
  • Weddings

Whether your social event is a larger scale and requires an LED screen or more modest and only needs appropriate projection and monitors or camera packages, BML-Blackbird has the hardware, the technology and the equipment you need.

Our team members understand and respect the importance to you of your affair. We appreciate that such events are very often “once in a lifetime” undertakings, and we treat every engagement accordingly, with great discretion and confidentiality.


We can provide all the expertise and equipment necessary to ensure every stop of a touring production proceeds without hiccup. We have provided video support for many traveling shows including:

  • Marketing events (such as product launches)
  • Musicals and concerts
  • Sports-related events
  • Theatrical productions

We pride ourselves on always being flexible, always adaptable. Whatever bumps in the road may occur, it is our promise that your chosen LED walls, projectors, monitors and camera equipment arrive where you need them, when you need them.

Lighting Design – Earl Frances

School Events

Depending on your requirements, we can supply everything from plasma monitors to LED walls and projection screens. We are proud to count colleges, universities, high schools and private schools amongst our clients.

Video Equipment Rentals

When you need the gear without the labor, BML-Blackbird has your back there, too. Our video equipment rental inventory includes:

  • LED screens
  • Projectors
  • Plasma monitors
  • Cameras
  • Front of house systems (recording and playback)

We supply video equipment rentals to clients nationwide. While our core service area is the east coast (from Brooklyn & NYC to Philadelphia & Washington D.C.), we regularly provide video equipment rentals and services to our friends out west.

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