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The convenience of a massive inventory in an easily accessed 50,000-square-foot warehouse and an extensive dealership list is why so many people turn to BML-Blackbird when looking to purchase technical equipment. Located just off the Turnpike in Secaucus, NJ, we’re a stone’s throw away from NYC where some of the biggest productions take place.

Of course, we’re truly a national company, offering new and used equipment to clients on the East Coast and the West. Working with many reputable equipment dealers around the U.S. and across the world, we offer the sales and support you need.

New Equipment

Whatever your needs, BML-Blackbird has you covered. We utilize some of the best new equipment in the industry (all offered with or without installation):

  • Airstar
  • Altman Lighting
  • American DJ
  • Apollo Design Technologies
  • Autonomy Technology, Inc. (ATI)
  • Barco
  • Calzone
  • Chauvet
  • City Theatrical
  • Clay Paky
  • Coemar
  • Colombus Mckinnon (CM)
  • Crown
  • DarkLight
  • dbx
  • Doug Fleenor Designs
  • Elation Lighting
  • Electronic Theater Controls (ETC)
  • Fehr Brothers
  • Generico
  • GLP
  • GrandMA
  • Harmon Professional
  • Indu Electric
  • Inner Circle Distribution Haze Base Line
  • JBL
  • Le Maitre
  • Lee Filters
  • Leprecon
  • LEX Products
  • Lexicon
  • Martin Professional
  • Robe Lighting
  • Rosco Laboratories
  • Skjonberg Controls
  • Soundcraft
  • Staging Concepts
  • Swisson
  • The Light Source
  • Thomas
  • Tomcat
  • Tyler Truss
  • Work Pro (Light Shark)

Event Production Equipment Cheat Sheet

Do you know what event production equipment options are available to you? Download this helpful infographic, take a walk down Main Street in our 50,000-square-foot warehouse and see all the technical equipment available for both sale and rent.

Used Equipment

Technology changes very swiftly, and it seems there’s always an update, upgrade or innovation available. With BML-Blackbird continually expanding our inventory, our catalog of used equipment available for you to purchase keeps growing, including:

  • Used Lighting Equipment: automated fixtures, conventionals, LEDs and operator consoles.
  • Used Video Equipment: control systems, LEDs, plasma screens and projectors.
  • Used Audio Equipment: speakers, consoles and microphones.
  • Used Rigging Equipment: trusses, chain motors and motor control.
  • Used Staging Equipment: decks, steps, and podiums.

What’s available changes all the time, so contact us today to see what’s currently available in our New Jersey warehouse!

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