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When organizing an intimate celebration or an arena concert, the objective is always flawless design. Lighting placement, staging, audio – the overall design of your event must be top-of-mind from the very start.

BML-Blackbird can incorporate design services as part of your production package, or we are always happy to work with your designers. We love meeting new talent!

Full-Service Design Packages

Design is a critical component to any event. Creating an executable plan is a major key to success.

At BML-Blackbird, our design services are primarily focused on lighting composition and execution. With our full-service packages, you’re able to combine the elements of design with our staging, rigging, audio and video services – whatever suits the needs of your event! Our crews will arrive on-scene (early, of course!), install and operate all equipment you’ve selected, then tear down and depart (like they were never there).

When you’re bogged down by the time-consuming details of organizing guest lists, employing performers or picking the right caterer, we’re happy to take all the technical worries of equipment and delivery off your plate.

Lighting Design – STS9 Saxton Waller
Festival Design – Christopher Ragan
Photography – Hudson

Lighting Design

If you’re working with BML-Blackbird to secure the perfect lighting for your event, we’re happy to provide for any design services you need. Our project managers work with designers every day, both our trusted creative professionals and those appointed by our clients.

Together, we create production drawings and lighting plots. By taking the time to invest in proper lighting design from the early planning stages, a cohesive overall aesthetic is assured, so every ambition for the event or show is sure to be met.

Whether you are organizing a charity event in New York City or a weekend festival in Virginia, BML-Blackbird is the partner you need. We are truly a nationwide solutions provider, working with clients from Boston to Washington D.C., LA to San Francisco, and everywhere in between.

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