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Your product launch event can be just as important as your product, if not more. While you focus on ensuring the product lives up to the anticipation, we are here to ensure the technical production for its unveiling and first impression exceeds expectations. Just like your product itself, its launch is a multi-step process from planning to execution. At BML-Blackbird, we work with you every step of the way, from the creative process up until the very finish of your event.

Full-Service Product Launch & Showcase Packages

When working with BML-Blackbird for your next product launch, the options are infinite. We are capable of handling all of your technical event production needs from inception to completion. We have the expertise, the experience and the equipment to help you execute an unforgettable product launch. With our full-service technical event production packages, you choose the services you need and we pull it together seamlessly.

Product Launch & Showcase Equipment

The equipment you choose for your product launch are really no different than the product itself –  you need everything to function exactly as you’d expect. Just as cutting corners with your product creation was unacceptable, so is cutting corners with event equipment. Our 50,000-square-foot warehouse in NJ is home to a massive inventory of some of the best technology available. On event day, it’s our guarantee that every piece of equipment is triple-checked and ready to deliver on our promise for a professional and stunning experience.

Product Launch & Showcase Lighting

How will your product shine the first time it is introduced to the world? To set an unforgettable first impression, proper lighting is paramount. At BML-Blackbird, we listen to the vision you have for your event and turn that vision into reality. From the initial stages in the creative and planning process to load out after the event is wrapped up, you’ll work with a project manager that ensures all your expectations are exceeded. You already see your product in a spotlight and know its potential; let us bring that same light to it in front of your customers.

Product Launch & Showcase Audio

When you have an incredible product to launch, you’ll need a clear voice introducing it. You’ve taken the time to craft the perfect message and we’re here to ensure the message is delivered flawlessly. Although it may look easy, there are a lot of pieces to manage in live audio, and a plethora of issues that could arise. With more than 40 years in the business, BML-Blackbird knows how to get it done, and how to get it done right.

Product Launch & Showcase Video

Nothing looks worse than an ill-advised attempt at providing a service that, in reality, required a professional. When the stakes are this high, your technical team can make or break the first impression of your product. At BML-Blackbird, we pride ourselves on being absolute experts at what we do. With a new product launch, the first time is the only time, so we have just one chance to get it right. That’s all we ever need. Our video experts and technicians keep up-to-date with all the latest technology and are committed to delivering the best impression that your company deserves.

Product Launch & Showcase Staging

As you plan your upcoming product launch, you’ll need to consider what you envision to be the appropriate stage on which it will be revealed. Can you see your product being staged simply? Do you envision a custom-designed stage that reflects the personality of your product? At BML-Blackbird, we want to hear all about what stage you’re imagining and begin planning to bring it to life safely and flawlessly.

Make your next product launch the one no one ever forgets.