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Full-Service Corporate Event Packages

BML-Blackbird are the experts in providing full-service technical event production for corporate events – big or small – to ensure all elements run seamlessly. When choosing BML-Blackbird as your technical partner for corporate event production, you are creating a memorable environment that attendees will be buzzing about.

Nonprofit Events

BML-Blackbird understands how important an impressive environment is for a successful event, gala or fundraiser for a good cause. No matter the setting chosen for your event, we have the ability to handle all of your technical production from the ground up within your budget. Whether you need lighting and power distribution for a gala serving more than 5,000 dinner guests or audio and staging services for an annual charitable event, we have the equipment and the professionals to make it happen.

Trade Shows

The day of a trade show can be a hectic time and it’s probable that the last thing you have time to worry about is the quality of the lighting in your booth, or the power distribution needed to make it all happen. BML-Blackbird’s vast experience with convention center logistics qualifies us to manage everything from individual booth lighting to full exhibition production for event organizers. Power distribution, labor, trucking, design and all necessary trade show equipment are just the beginning of what we have to offer.


Conferences are all about connection – connection with customers, prospects, employees and peers. What kind of impression do you want your conference to make? BML-Blackbird has the equipment and team necessary to strike the perfect balance between entertainment and professionalism that will instill excitement and motivation in attendees.

Product Launches & Showcases

Introduce your product to the world in the best way you can imagine. To BML-Blackbird, the product launch event is every bit as important as the lengthy process of product creation. BML-Blackbird has the equipment, strategy and team to execute a launch as unique and exciting as your product. When holding an unforgettable product launch event, you are ensuring your company and product are just as memorable to your ideal audience.

Make your next corporate event
the one no one ever forgets.