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When you hire a firm to suspend thousands of pounds above the heads of a plethora of people – at a rock concert or industry conference, for example – then you need to be certain you’re doing business with the best.

Whatever size or type of event you are organizing, BML-Blackbird is here to help with all your rigging equipment needs. Safety is our number one concern, and we do not make mistakes.

Full-Service Rigging & Trussing Packages

We’re your experts in the lighting sector, and our team of specialists can be with you all the way from initial conceptualization right through to post-event tear-down. By trusting BML-Blackbird to handle your rigging and truss needs as part of a full-service package with lighting, audio, video and staging, you’re guaranteed a final product that aligns perfectly with all of your event needs.

Our inventory of rigging equipment and truss structures can accommodate all sizes and types of production elements; whatever’s necessary to ensure the best for your event. Our teams work seamlessly with Production Riggers (either ours or yours), and can also include technicians and general crew.

Your Safety, Our Promise

Production elements can be heavy. Choosing professionals to transport, install and operate trusses ensures safety precautions are followed. BML-Blackbird takes this responsibility seriously, and when necessary will work with engineers to guarantee the safety of our builds.

Our vast experience with structures and rigging allows us to know when engineering or permitting is needed.

Whether you’re arranging a Mitzvah for 50 attendees, a conference for 500 or a concert seating over 40,000, getting it right the first time is paramount. It’s vital to you, and it’s vital to us, that everything goes without a hitch. BML-Blackbird has more than three decades of experience in getting it right, the first time and every time.

Rigging & Truss Equipment Rentals

Our rigging and trussing are available for rental, when you already have the labor necessary to set up and tear it down, regardless of your location.

We are a truly nationwide solutions provider, with a core service area bridging the east coast from Boston to Washington D.C. (particularly NJ, Philadelphia, Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC).

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