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Connect with your audience in new ways you haven’t even imagined. The skilled team at BML-Blackbird will bring your conference to life. As your professional technical partner, we’ll strike the perfect balance between entertainment and professionalism that will instill excitement and motivation in attendees.

Full-Service Conference Packages

When it comes time to coordinate your upcoming conference’s technical production, working with a full-service company who will create your desired atmosphere is vital to success. Among the important factors to consider are not only equipment, lighting, audio, video and staging, but the team that is on-hand for equipment operation on event day. From the overall aesthetics to the most complex technical details, from first sketch to the last truck, no detail is left unaddressed.

Conference Equipment

Picture it.. It’s the day of your major conference you’ve been planning for months and since you chose to cut corners with the technical production vendors, the equipment isn’t working properly. Could you imagine the impression that would leave on those attending? With BML-Blackbird, this imaginary scenario will never become your reality. Our expansive warehouse in Secaucus, NJ houses a broad array of the latest professional equipment for your event from lighting to audio, video to electronics and everything in between.

Conference Lighting

Light plays a very important role in setting the right aesthetic and ensuring your audience’s attention is directed in the proper direction. Whether you’re simply interested in ensuring the spotlight is in the right place or you’d like to manifest an entirely new environment for your attendees, our skilled team of professionals will plan and execute the best solution for your event’s unique needs.

Conference Audio

BML-Blackbird is capable of handling very production-heavy situations in venues of any size. So when you’re shooting for the stars to impress a captive audience, we’ll be right by your side to guarantee every sound is heard crisply and clearly. When working with BML-Blackbird, the time, care and attention of our engineers and technicians are at your disposable to let you focus on your conference with ease.

Conference Video

Reinforcing your conference message with professional video services is what separates average events from major annual conferences with guests returning year after year. Successful corporate events and conferences require a great deal of prowess and proficiency. We ensure that attendees leave impressed and bragging about your event. With so many resources at your fingertips – LED Walls, projectors, IMAG camera packages, monitors and multiple playback options (including Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote) – it’s easy to make your corporate event the one people will be talking about for months (or years!) to come.

Conference Staging

Staging is a major component of each event’s overall design. You may determine that you need something grander than a simple stage to execute your vision. Our client base is incredibly diverse, thus our stage offerings include typical stage sizes, along with custom pieces. Our experts at BML-Blackbird will work with you to craft a one-of-a-kind stage that will truly make your event a unique experience. Whether it’s a professional platform or you’d like or a car on stage, we can make it a reality! Seriously – we’ve done it all. At BML-Blackbird, we ensure your vision and safety for your attendees are taken of the same importance.

Make your next conference the one no one ever forgets.