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A Day In The Light

We are looking for a college student who is interested in technical event production to join our team. Start date and hours will be flexible and the internship will be for college credits.

During your internship with BML-Blackbird you will have the opportunity to work in the warehouse with our experienced event technicians. You will also learn all aspects of how a show comes together. Send an email to to apply for an available position.

 Available internship positions include audio, lighting and video technicians.

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We Love What We Do & So Will You

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Work With Experienced Technicians

On a daily basis, you will be working alongside technicians who have years of experience in the industry.

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Hands-On Learning

During your internship you will be able to take what you learned in the classroom and apply it to real life.

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College Credits

An internship with BML-Blackbird is a learning experience that will dual as an opportunity to receive college credits!

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Flexible Schedule

Everything from the start date, hours, schedule and the duration of the internship program are all flexible.

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The Right Path to a Great Career

To be considered for a great career, you’ll need experience to put you in the running, get that experience with us!

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Learn About the Latest Event Technology

With technology constantly changing, BML-Blackbird is the place to learn about all the latest event technology.

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Apply Here