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Summer 2018 was hot, in more ways than one!  Check out some of our recent projects in the BML-Blackbird Summer 2018 Wrap Up Video and call us anytime for your technical event planning needs.  With over 40 years of industry experience, we are here to help seamlessly execute your vision.

Also available to watch HERE

Lighting Designers featured:

Chris Ragan

John Colligan

Brian Pirrone

Brenden Gray

Geovanny Carvaljal

Aulio Valerio

Christian Methot


TJ Stoltz

Photo Credits:

Tinsel Experiential Design

Scarlett Bucket

Heath Robson

Andy Tennille

Davie B Photography

Seth Mitchell

Beth Baynum

Noel McGrath

Ben Silverstein

Ivan Martinez

Ben Kruetzkamp

Zane Miller

Raphael Beretta

Scott Harris

Danzel Jourdan

TJ Stoltz

Craig Burris