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The NYC market is competitive, exciting and challenging when it comes to corporate event production. As a corporate event producer it’s important to build an effective team of creative professionals to produce a successful event in such a high-profile industry. That being said, one of the most important components of your team is a technical event production company.

Corporate event production today relies heavily on technology for everything from lighting and sound to video walls and interactive kiosks. A technical event production company efficiently handles all of the technical aspects of the event from equipment, to setup and execution.

As a top technical event production company working in New York and New Jersey, we’re providing these tips to help you when seeking, hiring and working with a great technical event production team for your next corporate event production.

1. Hire a Professional Equipment Crew

Corporate event production requires keen technical skills and a great attention to detail.. It’s important when choosing a technical event production company to make sure that they have extensive experience working on corporate events. Doing proper research will ensure that you are partnering with a company that has the proper knowledge and experience.

Your crew needs to understand the equipment needed for your event and be able to professionally set up, maintain, operate and troubleshoot your production. When interviewing any company, make sure they show you photos and descriptions of events like the one you are planning and always ask for references.

2. Maintain a Clean and Organized Aesthetic

A professional corporate event production has a certain look and flow. Aesthetically, it should be clean and neat. That means your guests should not see wires, cables and equipment; just the flawless finished product.

A professional technical event production company knows how to maintain your event’s aesthetic. Cables and wires will be hidden and secured not only for aesthetics, but for safety as well. Whenever possible, all equipment will be kept out of sight of your guests, so they only see the “magic” of the production. Your technical event production company should take the time necessary to keep the facility clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

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3. Choose the Proper Equipment

Your brand image and message are two of the most important aspects of your event.Choosing the right staging, audio, video and lighting equipment will ensure you convey the correct message to your guests.

Consistency of message and image should carry throughout every aspect of your production. A good technical event production company knows this and will plan accordingly. They will have the knowledge of the current technology available for lighting, audio and video and can assemble, set-up and operate the proper equipment to match the specific needs of your event.

In other words, if you’re planning an all-day symposium, it’s probably best not to break out that disco ball!

4. Plan Ahead, Work Together and Ensure Success!

A good technical event production company begins their work as soon as they’re hired. The job starts with brainstorming and planning, sometimes including site visits well before the event.  Pre-production planning includes assembling equipment, mapping the room and putting together the best team of professionals to design your corporate event production, load-in, setup and operate the equipment on the day of your event.

Throughout the entire planning process, open honest communication between the event producer and the technical event production company is key. Your technical event production company will play a key role in achieving your vision for your event. Working with them in an open manner will help you to understand what exactly can be achieved in terms of the technology used. Their in-depth knowledge, experience and professionalism will help to ensure a smooth process and the ultimate success of your event!

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5. Personality Matters!

Mounting a corporate event production in a competitive market like New York or New Jersey can be challenging. When building your team, personality matters. Of course, professionalism, knowledge and experience are very important, but you also need to work with a company that can make the experience comfortable and fun.

Seek out a company with a corporate culture that meshes well with your organization. You’ll be spending many hours planning and working with your technical event production company from the moment they’re hired right thru the event day. Find a company that will promptly answer your calls and emails, offer and be open to suggestions, has a dedicated and creative staff and will work well with your employees and venue managers.

Building an effective team when mounting a corporate event is the key to success. Including a qualified technical event production company as a key member of your team is a must. The technology needed to create a successful corporate event in today’s market requires knowledge, expertise and experience. Make sure the team you choose has experience with productions similar to the one you’re planning.

When researching, choosing and hiring a technical event production company, look beyond their portfolio. Make sure you can communicate openly and that there is a good match of corporate cultures. Your technical event production company can help to make your production memorable for your guests and go a long way towards ensuring the success of your event!

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