A corporate event production is a delicate dance that consists of many moving parts. The end goal of providing an informative, enjoyable experience for your attendees is your primary concern. Your guests may never see or understand all the planning and behind-the-scenes execution that goes into crafting a successful corporate event production.

From wrangling vendors, to catering, décor, entertainment and staging, it all needs to be organized calmly, efficiently, safely, seamlessly and most importantly, on time.

Start by making checklists and creating a detailed plan with hard deadlines and due dates for the event. Keep track of who is responsible for specific deadlines and outline all of the tasks needed to achieve your goal by the deadline. If the tasks seem overwhelming, consider adding members to your team. A professional technical event production company helps to ensure that the technology behind your event is current, state-of-the-art and works to create a memorable experience for your guests. The upside is that along with the equipment and technology, a technical event production company can help you overcome various other production challenges.

The following are six areas where incorporating a technical event production company can help to make your next event a success and maximize your audience’s experience.

Corporate Event Production: Managing The Budget

Your budget is probably the most important consideration when planning a corporate event production. Proper allocation of funds is the key to a successful event. Here’s where a checklist can really come in handy.

First, what is your maximum budget? Before you begin allocating funds, make sure you build in a cushion of 10-15% to meet any unforeseen contingencies. By over budgeting before you start, you can ensure you don’t fall short financially when you get further into the process. Then outline what you absolutely need versus what you may want.

Budgeting is a crucial area where a technical event production company can prove to be a big advantage. In terms of equipment and your “want” list, they can make recommendations, offer lower cost alternatives and help you to reach decisions regarding technical budget allocation. Because every event is unique, working with experienced professionals who can help you to build an event for your targeted audience is a smart, cost-conscious decision.

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Venue Selection

Choosing a venue in a competitive market like New York City or New Jersey can be a challenge if you’re not familiar with the choices available to you. Venue selection is a time consuming and complicated process. You will not only need to negotiate price and availability, but you’ll need to determine several key factors that can affect your budget and timeline as well.

  • Are they a union house?
  • What equipment do they have in house?
  • What will you need to provide?
  • Do they have a preferred vendor list you need to work off of?
  • Do they have production staff in house?
  • Wait staff?
  • Food services?

These are all considerations that can hit your budget in unexpected ways.

On your own, this is a time-consuming process. A technical event production company will have experience working with venues throughout New York City. They’ve done all kinds of events in all kinds of venues and can help you immensely with the selection process. They’ll know the technical and logistical intricacies for each venue and can offer educated suggestions based on their experience and your needs.

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Creative Vision: Designing Your Event

The most important parts of corporate event production in New York City come down to defining your creative vision, brand message and goals then designing environments to match your target audience and brand. Once established, it’s critical to inform all of your vendors, staff and any professionals involved in order to maintain a cohesive aesthetic, vision and message.

As you get closer to your event, you may be required to micro-manage details or put out fires. Your technical event production company is not only there to supply equipment and production support, it’s in their job description to have a solid overview of the technical aspects of your event. A big picture view. They can help to keep your vision on track as you deal with the behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts of corporate event production.

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Hiring Vendors

Finding and hiring the right vendors in a market as competitive as New York City can be challenging. It’s important to vet vendors properly and that can be time consuming. You may even have vendors you’ve worked with before, but if they are not available, do you know who to call?

You might not, but it’s a safe bet your technical event production company does. Through years of experience in corporate event production in New York City, they’ll know exactly who to recommend. They have worked with hundreds of vendors over the years and will know who is a good fit for your event, taking creative vision, brand message and your goals into account.

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Finding and Providing Equipment

The technical needs for a corporate event production can be significant. If you’re not familiar with current technology, the research needed can be time-consuming and take you away from other mission-critical tasks. Often, entertainment has specific needs regarding technology and you will need to find items or suggest alternatives. It can become pretty technical.

Having a technical event production company on your team removes this from your to-do list. They will research, find, provide and operate all of the equipment necessary for your event. If they don’t have piece in inventory, they’ll find it and if a request is outside of your budget, they will offer a comparable replacement that isn’t, while keeping one eye on the big picture and the other on your bottom-line.

Creating an Event: Maximizing Value

What does your audience expect? It’s important to understand and know your audience’s expectations in the early planning stages. Is this a conference where content is king, or is your audience expecting to be blown away by a technological experience? Answer this question – what will make this event memorable for attendees and buzz-worth to further develop your brand?

By working closely with your technical event production company, you can design the perfect event for your target audience. Every event is different and by using technology effectively, you can create the perfect environment and experience for your guests. A professional company will give you the most bang for your budgetary buck with the perfect aesthetic for your audience.

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The Takeaway

There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to corporate event production in New York City. Adding a technical event production company to your team can help you maximize your audience experience by working with you to achieve your creative vision. They bring a depth of technical knowledge, connection, and invaluable experience to the table.

Your job as producer begins by clearly outlining your vision, goals and target market. Providing that guidance to a technical event production company can help them to build the perfect environment to meet your goals and fit with your brand identity and budget. From helping choose a venue, to managing complex budgets, all while keeping an eye on the creative continuity and aesthetic, hiring a technical event production company is a smart move that will help make your event a success.