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Whether you’re producing a mega-rock concert or an intimate wedding for 200 guests, event lighting is a critical component for your event’s success. Lighting can set the mood, create an environment, excite an audience and become the memorable part of your event that leaves guests talking about it for days afterwards.

BML-Blackbird is one of the top event lighting companies in NYC. With thousands of intricate productions under our belt, we’ve worked with special event coordinators, marketing managers and producers to help create some of the most exciting and memorable events in New York and beyond. When working with new clients, we’ve found that a common misconception, especially among new event producers, is that “it’s just lights so it should be cheap.”

The fact is, while there are inexpensive alternatives, professional event lighting is both a science and an art that requires years of training, knowledge of technology and the experience to truly create magic, and that isn’t cheap. It’s not “just lights” it’s one of the foundations of your event. When handled professionally, your lighting can define the overall aesthetic of your event, work to achieve your goals, and ensure consistency in your event from start to finish.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at event lighting companies in NYC, like BML- Blackbird, to examine exactly what goes into creating magic with professional event lighting and look at some of the mistakes and pitfalls of having an amateur choose and operate the equipment.

You Get What You Pay For…Part One

The truth is, when it comes to professional event lighting companies in NYC, you get a lot more than you pay for. In a market as competitive as New York, any company that can truly compete on that scale must be able to provide both the right equipment, but more importantly, the service and expertise to put it all together.

It takes a highly skilled team of professionals to successfully execute a live performance, special event or trade show in a city like New York. With every job comes a unique set of challenges for perfecting every element of an event. From the initial information gathering meetings with the client, through pre-production and choosing the right equipment for the event and venue, to building the design, installing truss and rigging when necessary, wiring, electrical distribution and operating the gear, each member of the team is highly specialized and excels at what they do.

Let’s look at a few key team members you have access to when working with event lighting companies in NYC, like BML- Blackbird.

event lighting companies nyc

Project Manager

A project manager brings years of expertise in production to the team. They will work with you to understand your creative vision and your event’s goals. Based on that information, they’ll make sure your event has the proper equipment and staff. Then oversee building your team, equipment lists and any sub-rentals needed to make sure your technical and personnel needs are covered.

Professional Riggers, Electricians, and Support Staff

Safety always needs to be everyone’s first priority. Riggers are professionals and understand the responsibility that comes with hanging thousands of pounds of steel above the heads of performers and audience members, and take the time and attention to detail to build things safely.

The very basics of every event lighting job is power distribution. Without power, most of those fun lightings won’t work! Distributing this power safely and efficiently requires an electrician that is well trained.

event lighting companies nyc

Lighting Designer

The lighting designer needs to understand your creative vision and then translate it to the technology. They will have years of experience working with both traditional lighting like ellipsoidals, fresnels, pars, striplights, cycs and many more types that are at the heart of many of the productions. They will also have a depth of knowledge about the latest moving lights technology.

They are part artist, part scientist and have an understanding of how color works with lighting, throw distances of certain hardware, when and how to incorporate the latest technology and how to put it all together flawlessly to create magic.

Lighting Technician/Board Op

The lighting tech runs the show on the night of your event. They will most likely be working with a sophisticated console and have many years of training and event experience necessary to operate it flawlessly. Every event has it’s own set of challenges and a professional event lighting company will have planned contingencies to address any problems that might arise. Your lighting tech will have had years of experience and probably has seen it all and fixed it!

These are just a few of the dedicated professionals on your team you hire when hiring event lighting companies in NYC.

event lighting companies nyc

You Get What You Pay For – Part Two

Unfortunately, this IS often the case when you’re working with technical production providers. Many just starting out in the business do not have the experience, or equipment necessary for a professional-level special event. A professional event lighting company will have access to the latest technology and it is kept in pristine working order.

Another level of concern should be from a legal liability standpoint. Are you sure the lighting company  you’ve chosen to work with is insured and bonded? Do they know the permitting procedures of the event if necessary? Are they qualified to be hanging truss and lighting in a safe and secure manner? Professional event lighting companies in NYC are always in compliance with licensing and insurance. They will be able to help with the permitting procedures for any venue and will know the municipal regulations they need to adhere to.

For all of these reasons and so many more, hiring a professional technical event production company can actually save you money while providing the magic for your next event.

Event lighting is a critical part of any show or event. BML-Blackbird is one of the leading technical and event lighting companies in NYC. We have years of experience and skill at lighting even the most intricate productions. We have decades of experience, a knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art technology and a passion for what they do. If you’re planning a special event, call our team and find out how affordable perfection can be.

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