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Planning any event or production is a time-consuming experience that requires putting together a team of professionals. Every event has its own set of challenges and personality and requires a specific set of skills and talents to make it a success. Often, technical event production companies play a major role in the success of the event and hiring a great one should be a top priority.

To make your event truly stand out from the crowd and be a memorable experience for all in attendance, it’s often a balance between environment, mood and personality. Researching and vetting technical event production companies and hiring the right one can help you to navigate through the process. When hiring, there are several key areas to consider, such as choosing a company that understands your vision, can take care of your needs, accommodate your wants and help you to calmly get through the challenges of mounting a production.

Here are seven ways that really great technical event production companies will go above and beyond when working your event to ensure it’s a pleasant, professionally rewarding experience for everyone involved!

1. Event production companies: open, honest communication – always!

Open, honest communication is crucial for any event to run smoothly. The best technical event production companies out there will always offer honesty. Based on their knowledge and expertise, if your creative vision is attainable, they’ll do everything in their power to make it happen. If it’s not, they will tell you, explain why and offer the best alternatives.

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2.They always return your calls or emails promptly.

There’s nothing worse than sending an urgent email and not hearing back quickly or calling a vendor and leaving a voicemail only to wait hours for a response. All great technical event production companies understand that time is of the essence when planning and executing an event. Your calls are important to them and a good company will not only provide you with a point man, or production manager, they’ll answer your calls or emails promptly.

3. They’ll have the answers you need, when you need them.

Often as an event producer you are acting as a liaison between the various vendors needed to put on a successful event or production. For example, your talent may have specific questions about the staging and lighting of your event. When you contact your technical crew, they will have the answers you need, or they will offer to speak with the talent directly when appropriate.

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4. If they DON’T have the answers you need, they’ll get them!

Sometimes it may take a bit of research to find the solution and a great technical event production company will do the research and get back to you promptly with an answer. This also includes equipment-related questions. Often an artist may need a specific lighting element or piece of audio equipment that your technical event production company doesn’t have in their inventory. A great company will first offer an alternative that they have in stock, and if this is not acceptable, they’ll find and rent the piece for your show!

5. They plan and prepare for EVERY contingency.

On event day, every ounce of focus and energy is focused on producing a spectacular show for your guests. But the truth is, things do go wrong! A great amount of time goes into the pre-production planning for every event and a great amount of that time goes into planning for contingencies. Whether it’s a traffic jam in NYC, or a hurricane disrupting your outdoor event, a great technical event production company will have contingency plans in place.

6. They have a great attitude and know how to have fun while taking care of business.

A truly great team will have a chemistry that fosters a fun and relaxed atmosphere. A great technical event production company knows this and while highly skilled and talented at what they do, they know how to have fun and keep the mood positive. The truth is, people who have fun at work are generally nicer and easier to work with. Producing a special event can be a stressful and challenging endeavor – working with fun people who can get the job done makes it a pleasurable experience for everyone involved!

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7. They love what they do…

…and it shows! There’s rarely any clock watching when you love what you do. Most creative people love to be challenged and work with a talented team. When you love what you do, you get it done and enjoy every minute of it!

A great technical event production company has built a team of highly creative professionals that love what they do. The technical side of any event requires creativity, passion and a great deal of teamwork. Assembling a team of people who know what to do, when to do it and how to work together to get it done is a huge asset to any production or event. A great technical event production company has done that and will provide you with a qualified professional group of people that are there for you!

Technical event production companies are a tremendous asset when planning and executing a complex production or event.  The best companies promote a culture of teamwork, creativity and passion. Often when choosing and hiring a vendor, it comes down to chemistry and a similar company culture.

Any technical event production companies can simply take care of the technical aspects of your event. The truly great ones add a positive human element to the equation. They are made up of educated individuals that love what they do and are encouraged to express and practice their creativity while at work. Great technical event production companies work hard to go above and beyond expectations when it comes to any production they are a part of.

Finding and hiring a great technical event production company for your next event should be a priority. They can truly help to make your production special and memorable for all of your guests and make the experience fun and enjoyable for everyone involved behind the scenes too!

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