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In competitive markets like New York and New Jersey, producing any event is a complicated juggling act. First, you need to secure a venue, caterers, rentals, entertainment, staff, sound, lighting, staging and video. You may find yourself dealing with unions and city permitting boards. Then, there’s marketing, advertising and all of the last minute tasks on the evening of your event. The list goes on and on, as do the details.

Event Production Company in New York

The smartest approach to dealing with the many tasks of a successful event is to build a team and begin to delegate tasks and functions to people who have special skill sets. This is when hiring a full-service technical event production company in New York makes sense. A professional full-service technical event production company can remove a huge chunk of your to-do list. They will handle all aspects of the technical side of your event, from lighting and sound to staging and creative lighting design.

Working with a full-service professional technical event production company in New York brings a myriad of benefits that can free up your time to focus on the details and ensure that your guests will have a memorable evening. They are there to create magic with sound, lighting and video. Let’s take a look at just a few of the many major benefits you can expect when you hire a leading technical event production company in New York.

Full-Service Means A One-Stop-Shop

The technical side of an event can encompass several different disciplines and require skilled operators. Imagine having to find a sound reinforcement company, a staging company, a lighting company, lighting designers, technicians and more. Working with a full-service company means that they have the equipment, staff, knowledge and talent to handle every technical aspect of your event.

They will cover loading in and setting up equipment, running sound, lights, video and tearing down and loading out when the night is over. A good company will have a variety of lighting designers they work with and the creative talent to help you design your environment and the production staff to build your lighting system, hang the lights, operate the board, mix the sound and take care of every technical production aspect of your event.

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Knowledge, Experience, Expertise

Technology has completely changed technical event production. Today, there are computerized lights capable of performing hundreds of effects, digital sound mixing boards and video walls of all sizes and resolutions! A qualified full-service company will have the knowledge of the latest technology and be able to use it effectively.

If they are seasoned in the industry, they will have experience handling technical production for hundreds or thousands of events throughout the market. As an event producer, this knowledge is worth a lot. They will be able to handle any idiosyncrasies or special logistics needs for your venue.

Event Cohesion

This actually works on two levels. First, by working with one company for all of your technical needs, they will be able to coordinate efforts and find efficiencies between disciplines. They can share trucking space (and costs) organize the truck pack for the most efficient load in and build a team of compatible technicians and engineers who have experience working together as a cohesive unit.

Second, cohesion and continuity are essential on a creative level. Your event is comparable to a technical dance. The creative elements like lighting and sound need to enhance your event’s theme, color scheme and appeal to your audience’s liking. They work hard to realize your creative vision and have the technical knowledge to translate it into the lighting, sound, staging and video that will set the mood, create the environment and provide the magic on event night! This creative cohesion and continuity will help your event be a memorable night that your guests will talk about long after it’s over.

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Cost Predictability

Full-service means one vendor and most importantly, one invoice. Working with a single source for all of your technical event needs means that you will receive a comprehensive proposal listing all of the anticipated costs, clearly outlined and broken down. Unless you make special requests late in the process, you should know almost exactly what your total cost for technical event production will be when you engage your firm.

Of course, there are always unforeseen issues that can arise during the production of any event, but a professional production company will clearly outline any costs for overtime, rush charges or other fees going in and will notify you if they may become applicable.

Proper Planning for All Technical Elements

Working with one company to handle all your technical event needs means that your load-in and set up process will run smoothly. They can coordinate and time all of the elements to ensure efficient use of time and space. This will not only make the day of the event run more smoothly, but it will also take less time and save you money.

Quick Response to Unexpected Complications

Every event brings its own unique set of challenges. Often, unexpected contingencies can arise and require a fast resolution. Your technical production team will have worked together numerous times on numerous events and have experience dealing with a range of last minute, unexpected complications. Often, there may be an issue, but because of their diligence and professionalism, your audience will never realize that there’s a problem!

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A full-service technical event production company in New York will be able to fully staff your event. They will have talented lighting technicians, sound technicians, engineers, creative designers, lighting designers and project managers. They will build you a talented creative team of professionals that can handle all of the technical production aspects for your event.

From designing your systems and programming your lights to trucking the gear to the venue, loading it in, setting it up, operating it during the event and tearing it all down again, your technical event production company will build you a world-class team of experts. If need be, they can provide a production manager that will act as a liaison between your organization and theirs.

Hiring and working with a professional full-service technical event production company in New York is a wise decision. They will assume the role of handling all of the technical aspects of your event, such as providing staff, equipment and design services, removing and centralizing a huge chunk of your to-do list and freeing you up to focus on working the crowd on event night.

When it comes time to build your production team, make sure to include a full-service technical event production company in New York. With our decades of experience, BML-Blackbird has been able to pull off some incredible feats in lighting, staging, video and audio. We offer the same level of knowledge, creativity and professionalism to each individual event and are always ready for anything. Finding a full-service technical event production company in New York that is dedicated and trustworthy can be tough, but our years of technical experience and happy clients prove that BML-Blackbird is the right choice.

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