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BML- Blackbird is a leading technical event production company based just outside of  NYC in NJ. Most clients and prospective clients know about the magic we create for special events, concerts, and conferences throughout this competitive market, but they probably don’t fully understand what it takes to be the best. Behind the scenes, BML-Blackbird is an impressive operation. Our home is a 50,000 square foot warehouse in New Jersey filled with a massive inventory of some of the best cutting-edge technology available today!

BML-Blackbird takes immense pride in being able to make this equipment available for sale and rental to our clients. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our extensive network of dealerships across the US can.

Let’s take a closer look behind the scenes of our technical event production company in NYC and see what makes us an industry leader!

A Walk Down Main Street

Our look behind the scenes starts on “Main Street” (the center aisle) of our 50,000 square foot warehouse. As you take a stroll down Main Street, you’ll pass by each of the various departments that make up the operation. As you explore each area, it becomes a little more clear what it takes to become a leading technical event production company in NYC. We stock thousands of products in-house, ranging from lekos and dimming to extra bulbs and cable… miles and miles of cables!

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Moving Lights

The first stop on your stroll down Main Street takes you to our moving lights department. We also call this area intelligent lighting. These fixtures, controlled by the latest computer technology, live here. They can move in any way imaginable, up and down, side-to-side, change colors or beam shapes, project patterns or shift shapes. Yes, they actually might be smarter than us! And yes, we keep a huge supply of replacement bulbs on hand and in stock at all times.

Whether you’re planning a concert, corporate event, live broadcast event, theater production, fashion show or trade show, we have the lights in house to create magic for your event!

Conventional Lighting

Right next to our moving light department, you’ll find our conventional lighting area. This is where the stationary, non-moving fixtures live. The lights you’ll find here are the backbone and origins of the modern lighting industry. We have a complete inventory of ellipsoidals, fresnels, pars, striplights, cycs and many more types that are at the heart of many of the productions we’re involved in. We also stock a full inventory of expendables including gel, tape and bulbs here to make sure that whatever you might need is only a shelf away!

event production company nyc


We didn’t become a leading event production company in NYC without stellar video equipment. Our video equipment has been used in all types of productions, including corporate events, outdoor festivals, tours and sporting events. The video equipment you’ll find here is more than just regular old screens. We stock LED screens in various sizes, including concave and convex products, projectors, cameras, lenses and tripods in many sizes as well as video engineering systems.

Regardless of what type of event you’re planning, BML-Blackbird is ready to assist in all of your video needs with state of the art equipment and technology.

Cables and Distro

Next stop down Main Street is our Cable Department.  Our job is moving power and we move a lot of it. We move it from one location to another and then use it to create light, sound and video. How do we move all that power? With copper wire wrapped in rubber to create cable. That’s how. Our cable and distro area holds miles and miles of cable and plenty of distribution to control and divide the power transported through those cables.

We stock a full range of inventory in the cable and distro area in all sizes and types including feeder and extension. Whatever we could possibly need to put on a production in terms of cable, we have at our fingertips!


As a leading technical event production company in NYC, we’re often working on huge productions for some of the biggest names in music and corporate america. The next stop on Main Street is our trussing department.

We need to be able to hang all of those lights high above a stage, or whatever area needs lighting. Trussing is what we use. It comes in various shapes and sizes and interconnects to form structures or lines and provides the platform we use to create our magic! Think of it as a really big erector set! Because the trussing can be prominent, it often becomes a part of the aesthetic look of the event. We use creative forms like circles, curves and other geometric shapes that allow us to set the lights to focus on various heights and vantage points and look really cool while doing it.

event production company nyc


We need to get all of that trussing into position and this is where we keep the equipment to do just that. Trussing is hung from roofs and beams using chain hoists, manlifts and other rigging equipment. Rigging is a particular science and it’s at the core of our focus on safety. With literally tons of gear hanging high over the performers and audience, safety is at the forefront of what we do and it’s another reason we’re a leading technical event production company in NYC. Our rigging department has got you covered… safely!

Just a quick turn off of Main Street, we can find some of our hidden departments, Staging, Eshop and Audio!

Staging, Platforms and Barricades

Next up is our staging, platform and barricades area. If you need a stage, platforms on the stage for musicians, a tier for your choir, it’s a piece of cake! Our staging, platforms and barricades area has everything we need to create the perfect stage for any event. Plus, if you need a sturdy barricade to keep the audience at your rock concert from rushing the stage, we’ve got that covered too.  This area also houses our carpentry shop, where we can custom build pieces as needed!


Providing your audience with crystal clear sound is vital to any event. Luckily, we stock equipment for all of your audio needs. In our audio area, you will find items such as microphones, speaker systems, amplifiers, audio consoles and even DJ gear. BML-Blackbird has provided audio production for all kinds of events, including fashion shows, concerts, halftime shows and much more.

No matter what kind of audio equipment you’re looking for, we’ll have your audio needs covered in any situation.


Nestled away behind closed doors is our Electronics shop, or Eshop as we call it.This is where we keep all the equipment that controls the shows!  Dimmers, consoles, you name it, we have it.

We also keep all of those small special effects, like smoke and haze that are created by electronic equipment in here. Anything that we consider “small wire stuff” lives in our Eshop like computer consoles, dimmers, strobes, LED fixtures, smoke and haze machines and a wide selection of other special effects are all right here when we need that extra little bit of magic!

event production company nyc

And There You Have It

While our clients are impressed by what our people can do with technology, what they don’t often see is the behind the scenes work it takes to maintain, store and choose all of the amazing technology we bring to every special event.

This attention to detail, huge inventory and knowledge of exactly the right technology to achieve your vision is what makes BML-Blackbird a leading technical event production company in NYC. Next time you’re in, ask your rep to take a walk down Main Street. We’ll be more than happy to show you what it takes to be at the top!

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