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Designing and producing an event can be challenging even for the best special events planner. There are so many factors that go into a successful event including marketing and publicity, booking talent, catering, décor, the guest list, and of course technical production.

Whether you’re a professional event planner, or just someone planning a special event for your business or family and friends, you could benefit immensely from the expertise and knowledge that a technical event production company can bring to the table.

Finding and hiring the right technical event production company to handle the nuts and bolts of your event can take a lot of the pressure off of you, allowing you to focus on the other critical tasks needed to make your event a success.

Let’s look at the top five reasons to hire a technical event production company for your next event or production.

1. Experience and Expertise

When you hire a professional, you get professional quality and results. That comes from experience and a deep knowledge of all aspects of the task. As an event planner, your job is to organize and produce all types of special and corporate events. Your area of expertise might not include the technical aspects of event production such as lighting, sound, video and staging.

Hiring a professional technical event production company will ensure that the backend of your event is covered. Imagine the additional time it would take to arrange for all the items you needs such as staging, rent a sound system and lighting, hire a sound and light technician, find a stage manager and hire an experienced crew to put it all together. That’s exactly what a technical event production company does, every day.

If you are located in New York or New Jersey, you’ll want to be sure the company you work with understand the unique logistics of that market. They should know the venues, any transportation and logistical issues, and probably already have working relationships with the local unions. Chances are, an experienced technical event production company will have had experience handling the technical production of many events just like yours, repeatedly.

2. Staff

Hiring a technical event production company gives you access to their team of professionals who are all experienced and knowledgeable in the aspects of their particular job. With one call, you’re able to put in place a professional staff including a setup crew, lighting and sound technicians, engineers and even a project manager who will act as a liaison between your staff and theirs to make sure your event goes smoothly.

This saves you the time, money and the stress of putting together a team of separate vendors for each technical aspect of your production. That allows you to focus your time and energy on all of the other mission critical tasks necessary for pulling off a successful event.

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3. Equipment

When you hire a technical event production company, you are also procuring all of the technical equipment necessary for your event. They will have a deep knowledge of, and access to, the latest state-of-the-art production equipment – whether your needs are for 3D projection mapping, high-end staging, sound, lighting and video, or a simple speaker’s podium.. They will also be capable of handling all of your event’s production needs from setting it all up and running the show to tearing it back down.

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4. Design and Development

A technical event production company can help you to achieve your creative vision with their extensive knowledge of design and conceptual development. They will have a background in sound and lighting technology and designers on staff capable of artistically developing all of the technical aspects needed to make your event truly special and memorable for all in attendance.

5. Maintaining The Aesthetics of Your Vision

One of the greatest advantages of working with a professional technical event production team is their ability to keep the focus on the big picture. A well-executed event needs continuity and cohesion. Hiring a technical event production company means that the overall aesthetics of your event will be maintained. They are responsible for all of the elements that can turn the mundane into the magical!

From the earliest stages, they will come into the venue and work to determine your needs. They will work with you to analyze all elements of the venue to install the best sound system, lighting and stage for the space. They will also have the expertise to offer suggestions to further develop your creative vision to make it a truly spectacular and memorable event.

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Their sole job on event night is to maintain a cohesive and continuous unity of environment; provide sound and lighting that will leave a lasting impression with your guests and make your event a success.

Planning, designing and running a special event, whether it’s a small family gathering, a trade show, or a massive half time celebration can be challenging. Working with a professional technical event production team can make your job easier. Many companies can tailor their services to fit your needs and budget. Whether you need all of the services that they offer, or only one, hiring a technical event production company for your next special event is a smart business idea that’s sure to make your next event spectacular!

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