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As a leading event production company in NYC and NJ, we are constantly dealing with new clients, production companies and venues. We often are asked many of the same questions during these “getting to know you” meetings. We’re going to answer our top 10 in this post. While the answers are specific to BML-Blackbird, if you’re a producer looking for a professional event production company in NYC, these questions will help you get a better idea of the capabilities of any company you speak with.

1.  Can I see references?

Of course! Any experienced professional technical event production company in NYC will be proud of their work and will provide references. If they’ve been around as long as BML-Blackbird, they’ll be able to give you references specific to your event whether it’s a concert , a wedding or a business conference. BML-Blackbird has handled technical production for thousands of events and has worked with clients like Blue Bloods, The New York Jets and Exposure Communications.

2.  What are your capabilities?

A qualified professional technical event production company should be able to provide all of your production needs including sound, lighting, staging, truss and rigging, video, design and technical support. BML-Blackbird is a full service technical event production company with a 50,000 square-foot warehouse in Secaucus, New Jersey that is fully stocked to the rafters with lighting, sound, video, audio gear, staging, rigging and special effects. We can design, build and run any event from a small intimate wedding to a full-blown rock concert or corporate meeting. We’ve even set-up, run and torn down a bunch of NFL halftime shows in under 13 minutes. We’re that good!

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3.  What types of equipment do you own?

BML-Blackbird carries a wide selection of inventory from state-of-the-art intelligent lighting and sound to traditional lighting like Lekos, Ellipsoidals, Fresnels and Pinspots. We carry one of the largest inventories of dimmers in the country, along with a full inventory of video gear, LED screens, projectors and video cameras. We offer complete staging solutions as well as complete production packages with sound, staging, lighting and rigging.

4. What brands do you carry?

We work with many of the industries top manufacturers and carry the top professional brand names in stage, sound, lighting and video including but not limited to:

  • Martin Professional
  • Coemar Lighting
  • Elation Professional
  • Electronic Theatre Controls
  • Staging Concepts

If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we’ll find it! We have a nationwide network of suppliers and will find exactly what you need.

5.  How do you prep your gear?

At BML-Blackbird, we take great pride in how we prep all our jobs before they leave our facility and believe it is one of the things that makes us a top technical event production company in NYC. We have our event crew in-house prior to load-in to prep all the gear for your event.

Equipment from each department is assembled, boxed and organized in a way to ensure load-in is systematic and prioritized. Equipment is separated by on site area and arrives in the order that it will be used. Our Eshop and moving lights departments address and test all fixtures before they’re sent out. This saves time (and money) on-site. All cable is loomed based on the overall lighting and crew chiefs set-up plan. Lighting fixtures, if required, are mounted in pre-rig truss so it’s easier and quicker to set-up and it ships pre-hung. Our Eshop will even preload your show files into a lighting console to save time on site.

We value pre-production preparation and all of our jobs are planned, plotted and organized to expedite load-in and set-up, allowing plenty of time for last minute changes or adjustments.

event production company nyc

6.  How diverse is your team?

We have a full staff in-house and will build a team specifically for your needs. Our staff includes production managers, technicians, designers, account executives, project managers and crew specialists. Our team is made up different personalities, with different specialties and experiences. We all share a passion and love for our work and our clients.  Whether you need a lighting operator or a full production crew, we will build the perfect team for your event.

7.  What experience do you have with this kind of event?

We’ve been in the business for over four decades and have worked on thousands of events. We’ve done it all, seen it all and our experience, knowledge, professionalism and stellar work has made us a top technical event production company in NYC. From conferences  to broadcast TV, movie work, rock concerts, trade shows, pop-up shops and experiential marketing events to family reunions and weddings, we have the experience to make your event memorable!

8.  What is the cost?

There are many factors that go into pricing every job. Costs can vary greatly depending upon the equipment required, the staffing involved and level of production help needed. We can handle all aspects of any event from designing the lighting to running the show and your price will depend on our level of involvement. We always provide a full proposal before any work begins. Simply call us and make an appointment to meet with one of our specialists. We will get your information and provide you with a full proposal outlining all pricing.

event production company nyc

9.  Who will I work with?

Again it depends on the event and our level of involvement. We have Account Executives and Project Managers on staff who are there to help with all your technical needs along the way. They can handle all aspects of your event, from connecting you with the right designer, ensuring the correct gear is reserved and prepped and staffing the production team for your event. You will always have a “go to” person representing BML-Blackbird. We want to be a member of your team, not just hired guns!

10. Can you help me even though my event is in X days?

While we always prefer to be involved from the early planning stages, we can do short turnaround events. We’re here to help and will do whatever we can to help make your event successful!

BMLBlackbird became a leading technical event production company in NYC by providing the highest quality professional service to our hundreds of clients through the decades we’ve been in business. Let us bring our expertise, experience, knowledge and incredible staff to your next event! We’ll make magic and help you to create a memorable experience for your guests that they will be talking about well after it’s over. Just give one of our team members a call to get the ball rolling.

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