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Producing any successful special event can be tough even in a small town. Planning, managing and pulling off a technical event production in New York can be one of the most challenging endeavors you’ll ever attempt!

The competition and expectations of creating a memorable and successful event in a city like New York can be overwhelming.

You need to really bring your A-game to stand out. Dealing with venues can be challenging, creating buzz and drawing an audience can be tough. To make your technical event production in New York stand out and succeed, you’ll need planning, organization and a talented team of creative, hard-working people who are the best at what they do.

Here are five must-have elements to consider to really create a successful, stand-out technical event production in New York!

1. An Innovative and Unique Concept

In a market as competitive and exciting as New York, you’ll need to pull out all of the stops and come up with a truly unique and creative concept for your event.

Whether it’s a mystical entertainment draw like Cirque Du Soliel, a unique menu of exotic delicacies or an innovative technological twist like a giant interactive video wall, you’ll need something distinctly creative to excite your guests.

Creating a buzz-worthy event is a combination of planning and execution. Starting with your initial concept, you’ll need to approach your marketing, technical production needs, staffing, entertainment, lighting design, menu and guest list with an equal amount of creativity.

Follow through and planning are crucial when mounting any event. Building a winning team needs to also be a priority.

2. An Organized Project Manager

The key member of your event team needs to be a highly-organized project manager with extreme attention to detail. With any special event, the devil is in the details.

Your project manager needs to be on top of scheduling, coordinating talent, catering, venue staff and a whole host of other details.

The project manager is responsible for the planning, scheduling and execution of your event. They need to possess the skills needed to organize your event while working closely with and managing various other team members.

This includes managing staff and excelling at delegating tasks. In essence, the success or failure of your event relies on the ability of your project manager to execute your vision.

VW Haus brand activation at Greenpoint Warehouse Terminal in Brooklyn, NY

3. A Technical Event Production Company

Putting on a technical event production in New York requires working with professionals. Hiring a technical event production company is the best way to ensure a successful event. They will have access to the state-of-the-art technology needed to create a memorable and visually stunning production.

A technical event production company is responsible for staging, sound reinforcement, video and event lighting. In addition, they will build a talented team of professionals specifically to fit your needs.

They will then handle all the technical aspects of your event from performing a site visit to determine your needs, providing the lighting, sound and staging, loading in and setting up the equipment on the day of your event, operating the sound and lights during the event and tearing down the equipment when it’s over.

Creating a memorable, exciting, cohesive and coordinated event is what these professionals do on a daily basis.

They will most likely have experience supporting events similar to yours and will have worked with many of the venues in and around New York.

4. A Creative and Exciting Visual Presentation

In order to create a memorable technical event production in New York, or anywhere else for that matter, visual impact is a must. Assembling a talented design team is an important factor. A production designer is responsible for handling the aesthetics of your event.  From set design, to  stage size and lighting design, your production designer creates a visual tableau to delight, entertain and enthrall your guests.

Working with a professional technical event production company who understands this will give you a leg up in creating a visually stunning and memorable event.

While of course stage lighting and design for any performance is a part of this, it’s not everything. Every element from lighting the dance floor, to selection of a color palette  needs to be coordinated and cohesive.

Your guest’s perception of your event revolves around the entire experience and creating a visually stunning environment is a major factor in their memory whether it’s a concert, a wedding or anything in between.

event production New York

5.  Flexibility

While this might seem an odd choice for a “must-have” list, flexibility is important to the success of any special event production. Even with all the planning in the world, and the most talented staff, delicious food and a spectacular guest list, stuff happens!

Flights can be delayed, electronics can fail, talent can be a handful – the list goes on and on. You need to remain flexible and be prepared for any contingency.

Much like a theatre production, every successful event should be scripted. You should develop a schedule, plan, rehearse and prepare for your event. But because it’s a live event happening in real time, things can change in an instant and you need to be prepared for any “unscripted” occurrence.

Whether it’s a sudden thunderstorm at an outdoor festival or a last minute talent cancellation, being flexible is certainly a must have when creating a successful event.

Organizing a successful technical event production in New York takes talent, drive, vision, creativity, a great team, patience, planning and flexibility. Every event takes on its own personality and presents its own special set of challenges as it evolves and comes to life.

Start with a unique creative vision, take an organized approach to planning and build a strong, dedicated team and your next technical event production will be a success.