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One of the primary goals for any event is to create a memorable evening for your guests. In a competitive market like New York, that means creating a magical environment where all of the elements come together to dazzle, inspire and entertain. Each event comes with its own set of unique needs and challenges. Creating the perfect production and environment is a dance of atmosphere, entertainment, sound, video and lighting.

Event lighting can be the element that ties everything together. Technological advances in lighting have allowed event producers almost unlimited creativity when it comes to setting the stage for an event. Because your area of expertise is the organization and details of the overall event, it’s a smart move to team up with a qualified full-service technical event production company to help you achieve your event’s technical goals and creative vision.

A technical event production company will have the knowledge, experience, expertise, inventory and talented staff to turn your creative vision into a stunning reality. Their understanding of the technology and its use along with their creativity can incorporate event lighting to take your production to the next level.

The Process

Your lighting designer will first consult with you to gain an understanding of your event’s goals and explain how lighting can help you to achieve your creative vision. One of the benefits of working with a professional technical event production company is their knowledge of lighting and ability to work with your lighting designer to bring your ideas to life.

If your technical event production company is familiar with your chosen venue, they will have an understanding of the space’s capabilities, layout, logistics and staff. They will know if the venue has existing lighting that may simply need supplementation, or if they will need to work with a lighting designer to design a complete system including rigging, dimmers, computerized boards and more.

If they are not familiar with your venue, they will perform a site visit. This will give them an opportunity to search for unique architectural elements, check out the stage, look to different areas to create light environments (for example, the dance floor, stage, dining/cocktail area) and then get to work putting together their design and assemble the various elements of your event lighting system.

From there, your lighting designer and your technical event production company will then choose the proper lighting instruments, create a lighting plot, map automation and design the rigging systems. Working within your budget, they will create unique event lighting to help establish your environment (or multiple environments). From lighting columns and architectural elements with the latest LED lighting technology, every element of your event is explored and lit to perfection.

Texture + Color + Focus = MAGIC!

Lighting technology has evolved. Today the newest computerized instruments have the ability to add texture along with color to the designer’s tool kit. Computerized fixtures can project shapes, corporate logos and allow for transitioning colors to add dramatic flair.

Textured lighting is perfect for adding drama to an environment by highlighting architectural elements. Walls can be covered with repeating, transitioning light patterns to create movement. Elements like staircases and even floors can be lit to add aesthetic cohesion and focus to your environment.

The trend today is towards elegance and understatement. Although computerized technology has made changing colors as easy as pushing a button, that doesn’t mean you have to overwhelm your guests with color. Today’s designers use color in moderation working with a palette that keeps the eye entertained, but not overwhelmed. Corporate color schemes can be used for networking events to creatively (and subconsciously) keep your business top of mind for example.

Bright, super focused white LED up lighting can create an almost architectural element and an added sense of spaciousness. Adding a second color wash can add warmth and intimacy to a space while creating another layer of depth to your environment.

Lighting can also create focal points throughout the room, highlighting interesting elements of the building or space. Textures using perimeter lighting on fabrics, such as drapes and tablecloths, can add dynamic movement. Using warm color tones and a classic complementary color palette can also make your guests look fabulous!

The End Result

Working with a technical event production company can tie all of the elements of your production together. The creative use of sound, video and event lighting can create magical spaces that will dazzle your guests and keep them talking about your event long after it’s over. Your technical event production company and your lighting designer will work together with you to fully utilize all that the latest technology has to offer.

Lighting technology continues to evolve and improve. What does this mean? This opens up new and exciting creative opportunities and design possibilities. This is where your technical event production company can really shine. They are current on the latest developments, new colors, advanced projection capabilities and the creative use of these elements.

Innovative lighting can make your next event really stand out from your competitors. The keys to creating magic lie in your technical event production company’s experience and knowledge of how to use texture, color and focus to create dynamic environments that will mesmerize your guests. Working with them, you have access to the latest cutting edge technology along with a true team of professionals. All of these professionals have years of experience, depth of knowledge and the creative drive and dedication to put your event’s needs first.

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