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Technology has expanded the options available to you when producing a special event. Today, in order to compete in the New York market, your event needs to feature state of the art technology to help create the magic it takes to make your event stand out from your competitors. Creating a memorable environment using event lighting, crystal clear sound and dynamic video are several factors that can contribute to your event’s success.

One area of technology that has experienced tremendous change in recent years is high-definition video. Because of digital technology, it’s possible to incorporate video as a major component of your event. LED screen technology is ideal as it offers flexibility, can be placed indoors or outdoors, hung from structures or strategically placed in a trade booth.

When seeking a proposal from a technical event production company for an LED screen rental in NYC, you need to clearly define your event’s goals. With the many types and resolutions of screens available it’s important to make sure every aspect of your video set up is compatible with your overall aesthetic and event goals. Add to this the various rigging options, whether you need an outdoor rated screen and several other factors and you’ll begin to understand the complexities involved in preparing a quote

Let’s look at some of the questions you’ll need to answer as a producer, as well as some of the other factors that go into pricing an LED screen rental in NYC.

So Many Types and Resolutions…

LED screen are available in a wide variety of resolutions for various functions, each with characteristics that make it appropriate for certain uses. You’ll need to answer a few key questions to determine the correct format, pitch and resolution for your needs.

A few key questions to answer when speaking with your technical event production company about your LED screen rental in NYC include:

  •         What is the intended use or application?
  •         Who is your audience and how will the interact with the display?
  •         What is the viewing distance?
  •         What is the location and environment? Is in indoors or out?
  •         What pixel pitch and LED type is the best for the application?

“Application” is basically defined as what you want to use the LED display for. What is going to be broadcast? Hi-res video, corporate logos etc. Answering these questions should guide your choices. A technical event production company  can help you to define your goals.

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Outdoor or Indoor use?

Your price quote also revolves around indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor screens have completely different specs compared to indoor screens. Outdoor screens tend to be more robust. They need to withstand weather, temperature extremes, humidity, have proper ventilation and maintenance access and a much higher brightness level to be viewable in bright sunlight. Indoor screen specs are generally less stringent which makes an indoor rental much more affordable.

For outdoor applications, you need to be aware of limitations and also of any municipal regulations that may be in place regarding outdoor LED displays.


Another cost factor reflected in your quote involves the physical placement of your screens. Depending on the size of your screen, you may need to build a trussing system to support it, which will add to the cost of your rental. The number of screens and complexity of the install is factored into your quote.

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Amount of Equipment

Your event determines the amount of equipment needed and that will affect the quote. If you’re entertaining a crowd at a major venue, or renting several small screens for a trade show exhibit hall, this factors into your quote. Basically, the quality, resolution, size and quantity of the LED screens are all factors affecting your final quote.

In addition, your technical event production company will include any peripheral equipment needed such as trussing, cabling, playback devices  or switchers . As a general rule, your quote will be a package price for your entire LED screen rental in NYC.


The complexity and timeframe of your installation are major factors when it comes to pricing. If, for example, you require a structure build to hang your screen, you’ll need to include riggers into your quote. Generally, the more complex the build and the tighter the timeframe, the more labor required and the higher the cost.

Technical event production companies incorporate labor costs like most service industry businesses. In general, you are required to pay for a minimum block of time per person. The average is a ten-hour minimum, with each additional hour over ten charged at time and a half.

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Length of The Rental

Rentals are charged based on the amount of time the equipment is out of the warehouse as well as the set up and tear down time required. Same day set-up and tear down could push the labor past straight time and into overtime.


The last major factor considered when preparing a quote for an LED screen rental in NYC is the physical location of your event. First, is it an indoor or outdoor event? What are the trucking requirements? Are there any time constraints at the venue? The advantages of working with a qualified technical event production company include the benefits of their experience. They have worked with most of the venues in New York and New Jersey and understand any logistical challenges they may face include distance to locations and infrastructure needs.

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The Takeaway

These are just a few of the main factors that go into building a price quote for an LED screen rental in NYC. By working with a full-service technical event production company and bundling rental (adding lighting and sound to your screen rental for example), you can take advantage of economies of scale and also the full-service aspect of their business to cut costs. Combining labor for a sound or lighting install along with hanging screens can reduce labor costs. Bundling lighting equipment along with LED screens can also work to regulate costs.

Video projection is a great way to add creativity and magic to your event. It’s important as an event producer to understand exactly what goes into creating a price quote for your LED screen rental in NYC. There’s much more involved than a simple hardware rental. Hiring a technical event production company to handle all of your equipment needs for your next event is a smart business decision. They can work closely with you to manage and allocate your budget and make sure all of your needs are met so your guests will have an amazing experience they’ll be talking about for weeks after it’s over.

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