The goal of live event production companies is to create memorable events for their clients. In today’s competitive market, especially in large and vibrant locations such as New York and New Jersey, you need to create fantastic “happenings” to not only stand out from your competitors, but to grow your brand, business and reputation in the industry.

Often, in order to create the magic needed for a successful event, it requires the use of elaborate technology like state-of-the-art sound, lighting, video and staging. The most efficient and productive way for live event production companies to accomplish this is by partnering with a full-service technical event production company.

Of course, you could vet and interview sound, video, lighting and staging companies to build a creative team of technical experts capable of handling your event. But, building a “team” of different sub-contractors brings a whole host of potential issues that can slow down planning, affect the cohesion of your event and cost you a fortune in the process.

Let’s examine some of the many the benefits and added value of hiring and working with a full-service technical event production company for your next live event.

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The Devil Is In The Details

Live event production companies face a number of challenges when handling any event. From finding and securing a venue, to hiring catering services, entertainment, staffing, promoting, advertising and public relations are all necessary steps that often require hiring professionals. In today’s environment, the technical aspects of producing an event can be a huge undertaking.

Hiring individual companies to handle each aspect of your technical event production not only adds four or five additional vendors to deal with, it can create budgetary strain as each vendor jockeys for scarce dollars for their area of expertise. Independent companies often tend to work independently as well. This can prove problematic when it comes to the cohesion, continuity and the overall aesthetic of your event.

Do you remember playing the telephone game when you were a kid? How the word you started with was “tree” and by the time it got to the fifth or sixth player the word became “triceratops.” Well, conveying your creative ideas, goals and aesthetics to five different vendors is a lot like that! Your staging company may “hear” one version of your vision and your lighting company might see your vision completely differently. You could end up spending a lot of time clarifying your actual ideas – time that could be better spent coordinating with your caterer or advertising agency. As all live event production companies know, time is money!

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Full-Service = Single Source

Working with a full-service technical event production company offers a number of benefits that can provide value far beyond the cost. Let’s look at four major areas that working with a qualified, professional technical event production company can offer to live event production companies.

1. Single Source Means Convenience

Working with a full-service company means that you are dealing with a single source and a single contact for all of your event’s technical needs. You’ll have one contact, one invoice and one company providing equipment, staff and creative consultation.

When you first meet with your technical event production company, they will listen to your creative vision and bring it back to their team who will then all work together to create the magic for your event. That means no communication issues as various companies try to pull together your event. A full-service company will be able to provide all of the equipment, staff and expertise needed to operate the equipment for your event. You’ll have access to a single contact if any questions arise about any aspect of your event’s technical production, and a single invoice broken down by line item for your technical event production costs.

2. Continuity, Cohesion And The Right Aesthetic

By putting all of your event’s creative technical needs in the hands of a full-service company, your event will benefit from their usual teamwork. Nothing is worse than creating an event that is “all over the place” aesthetically. A single source means that you are working with a well-oiled team of creative professionals who all speak the same language and share the same goals for your event.

By working together to achieve your vision, a full-service company will offer a cohesive team and will work with you, keeping your goals as their primary focus. From the design to the load-in, set-up and operation of your event, your team will perform not as hired guns, but as valued partners whose only goal is to create the magic that will keep your guests (and client) talking about your event long after it’s over!

3. Planning and Execution

Working with a single company can make planning the technical aspects of your event easier and more efficient, plus it removes a whole lot of items off of your to-do list. That means that while your technical event production company is handling the technical aspects of your event, you can be focusing your time and energy handling the myriad of details necessary for running a successful production.

Along with planning your technical needs, your technical event production partner will be handling the logistics of delivering equipment, preparing for load-in and set-up, building your production team, delivering and setting up all the equipment and then running the show, allowing you to mingle with your guests knowing that you’re in great hands!

4. Budget Predictability

Live event production companies that have been producing shows for any length of time in a competitive market like New York understand that sticking to a budget is crucial to profitability. In the event production industry, budgets can easily fly out of control if they are not monitored constantly. Working with a full-service company can eliminate many budgetary issues and offer a stability that working with multiple vendors does not allow.

First, your initial proposal will encompass every aspect of your technical event production as line items. Your technical production partner will allocate funds in the most efficient way possible. If your creative vision calls for extensive lighting, they can adjust to budget to reflect that, while keeping all other aspects in check. A good full-service company will also clearly state how and when additional charges may come into play.

Running a live event is a challenging and complicated undertaking. Partnering with a full-service technical event production company can make it much easier! Choosing to partner with the right company can offer tremendous benefits and they will bring value to your event far beyond the cost. It’s a smart business decision that will translate directly to the success of your event, as well as your bottom line!

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