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Many event producers are often asked by their clients to pull off spectacular special events while keeping a tight reign on an unrealistic budget. So, where do they expect companies to save?

NYC Technical Event Production Company

One area that it’s possible to find significant savings is the “technical” side of your event. While there are numerous technical components that go into a special event, especially in a market as complex and competitive and New York and New Jersey, it is possible to find savings.

Hiring individual companies to handle each area is one approach, but it’s not necessarily the best idea. In a situation like this, each company is going to want to maximize their portion of the budget. In terms of logistics, like load-in and set up, multiple companies can be a nightmare if it’s not coordinated correctly.

A smarter, more cost effective solution is to find and hire a full-service NYC technical event production company. Working with a full-service company to handle all of your technical event production needs can bring many benefits including cost control, centralized contact and cohesion to your event. Let’s look at the value that working with an NYC technical event production company can bring to your next event.

One Stop Shop Means Centralized Contact

Imagine having to produce an event where you need lighting, audio, staging, video, special effects and technicians to run it all. Now imagine vetting multiple lighting, audio, staging and video companies to make an informed decision. After finishing all of those interviews, you’d also need to ensure they had the proper technicians, and probably hire a production manager to coordinate all those moving parts. On top of this, you’d still have a slew of other details that need to be maintained in order to pull off a successful event.

Here’s a smarter alternative. When you hire a full-service technical NYC event production company, there is only one vendor to deal with. They will handle your sound, light and video systems. They will have all of the necessary gear and the knowledgeable staff to handle your event as well. You will also have a single main point of contact within their organization, and that person will ensure the most qualified individuals handle each area of expertise,. That means that if you have a question, there is a person to talk that will be familiar with all aspects of your event.

nyc event production company

You Have A “Master Plan”

When you consolidate all of your needs with an NYC technical event production company, all of the elements of your event are given the appropriate weight. This allows for proper planning across all areas of the event, which means there will be no fighting amongst sub-contractors for a bigger slice of the pie. It also means cohesion between the different elements.  

Their goal is to create the best event possible, if it means allocating more of the budget to lighting, rather than sound, it can happen with no questions or conflicts. Your main contact can work with you to make sure the each area is maximized and your vision is realized.

Increased Event Cohesion and Continuity

Another area where you’ll benefit greatly is in the coordination and cohesion of the aesthetics of your event. By working with one NYC technical event production company, as opposed to several different vendors, your team will be working together towards a common goal. They can save in many areas.  For example, you will not be trucking in equipment from various locations, so there will only be one trucking charge. Additionally, when planning things like power distribution your technical event production company will know and understand the needs of all disciplines and can plan accordingly so there are no unexpected complications on site.

Because they have all worked together many times, they will function as a cohesive creative team across all disciplines. This means better communication, and in the event of an unexpected contingency, a cohesive response, ensuring the most important areas are dealt with first. The value of a working with a full-service technical event production company when it comes to the planning and execution of your creative vision is immeasurable!

nyc technical event production

Budget Predictability

This is one benefit that will go straight to your bottom line. Using one source for your technical event production needs means not only centralized contact and commonality of vision, but centralized billing. You will benefit from economies of scale because you are getting all of your equipment and staff from a single source. Your budget can be moved between disciplines within one organization so there are no extra charges.

A professional technical event production company will provide you with a complete cost breakdown in your proposal as well. So before you even engage them, you will have an accurate understanding of what your technical production will cost, broken down by discipline. Most will also have a policy for overages, overtime or any additional charges that you may incur for alterations to the production plan. This means that you will have an understanding of any potential additional costs and when they will kick in, which through proper planning can be avoided or kept to a minimum.

Because you are working with a single entity for all of your needs, the load-in and build process can be planned and coordinated. This is another area where you can save significantly. Working with multiple vendors could mean people sitting around and getting paid if, for example, the stage build takes more time than originally anticipated.

By working with a single full-service company, they will have set up many productions together and will function as a well oiled machine. Of course there are always unexpected contingencies. But the team will work together to fix those issues before they are even evident. Again, this will save time and money, which will show up on your bottom line when the event is over! These are just a few of the benefits and values that working with a full-service NYC technical event production company can bring to your next event.

One more huge benefit is the value that their extensive knowledge, expertise, creativity and talent adds to the equation. They will become more than a simple technical event production team member, they will become your partner. Their best interest completely revolves around creating the best possible event for you while maintaining and complementing your creative vision, aesthetic and event goals.

Hiring and working with a professional NYC technical event production company is a smart business decision that in the long run, will save you time and money, remove a large portion of your pre-event to do list and, on the night of your event, free your time to mingle with your guests and enjoy the evening!

nyc technical event production company