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When dealing with a technical event production company for a stage rental, they will take a number of factors into account when preparing your quote. Let’s examine the five cost factors that a technical event production company considers when preparing a stage rental quote.

1.  Size of The Stage

Successful staging involves far more than creating an architectural focal point. Your technical event production company will examine a number of factors when assessing staging needs for an event. These can include equipment already on-site, the capability of the venue and any artist requirements, along with the type and location of the event.

Often preparing a quote involves an understanding of the role that the technical event production company will play in the designing of the stage. This may require collaboration with the event producer, talent and venue to develop the visual concept of the event and then designing the stage to support the overall vision of the producer. The final design and requirements will play a major factor when it comes to the stage rental cost.

stage rental

2.  Added Fixtures

Any additional staging accessories needed for the production of your event are figured into the final stage rental quote. For example, items like Lucite or wooden podiums for speaking engagements may  be needed, and you may be required to include branding or decoration.

Larger scale events such as concerts or festivals may require protective, secure barricades when crowd control is a top priority. The technical event production company will have an understanding of the proper usage and placement of concert barricades to ensure the safety of both the artists and the concert attendees and will ensure the proper insurance is in place in case of any incidents.

Finally, any state, local, and federal regulations will be taken into account when preparing a quote. Often, staging may need to include a ramp system that needs to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. If custom staging is being used, these ramps may need to be custom built specifically to suit the location of the event and stage configuration. These costs will also be included in the stage rental quote.

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3.  Duration of The Rental

Along with the size of the stage, and any additional accessories needed, another primary cost factor involves the duration of the rental. Your technical event production company will take into account the amount of time that their equipment will be unavailable for rental to other clients. The price will reflect the duration of the rental. The cost for short-term stage rental, for example, to cover a two-day music festival as opposed to the longer-term rental for a 30-day theatrical run will be reflected in the quote. Stage rental price is generally broken down into a daily, weekly or monthly cost structure.

4. Customization

Depending on the event, the artist requirements and the venue’s capabilities, it may be necessary to customize the stage. Customization can include adding chain hoists and motors for moving theatrical sets or other large stage pieces. Towers, lifts, lighting and trusses may be needed as well depending upon the event. For highly complex productions involving high-end technology, customization can even include rigging controls, advanced power distribution and video effects to bring the producer’s vision to life!

Other additions can include soft goods such as pipe and drape systems, scrims, muslin, velours, carpets and stage props. Customization can really add all of the bells and whistles that will take an event to the next level. The sky really is the limit!

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5. Labor and Specialized Talent

Whether simply placing a podium on a stage, or mounting a mega-concert or theatrical production, labor is needed for load-in, setup and tear down at the end of the event.

Labor costs can be included in any stage rental quote.  Sometimes stagehands are provided to assist with the set up, and sometimes the staging rental company must supply all hands to get the stage operational.

Your technical event production company will most likely know the venue and its idiosyncrasies and have experience staffing events like yours. They will also take into account and include the costs of any stage-related permitting and union costs when preparing your quote.

Preparing a stage rental quote requires a thorough understanding of not only the needs of your event but the capabilities and needs of the venue. A good technical event production company will prepare the quote with the knowledge, experience and deep understanding of exactly what’s needed to maintain the safety of your artists, staff and attendees. Working with you to accommodate the needs and requirements of the talent and venue, they will also take into account any necessary insurance requirements and regulatory compliance issues.Your complete quote will include a cost breakdown for the necessary labor from load-in and construction through the tear down and load out.

When working with a technical event production company, your stage rental quote is more than just a number. It’s an outline of every needed item to make your event a safe and secure one, prepared by an experienced technician that understands the complexity of mounting a successful event!

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