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Producing an event in NYC is often a complicated dance of details. Along with finding a venue and hiring talent, creating magic through lighting, sound and staging are crucial elements in establishing your theme and aesthetic. Working with a qualified, professional technical event production company like BML-Blackbird can take most of these tasks off of your to do list!

BML-Blackbird is one of the top technical event production companies in the New York and New Jersey market. From lighting and sound to stage rental in NYC, BML-Blackbird offers creative, affordable options for every element of technical event production. Staging comes in many different sizes, shapes and with numerous options. BML-Blackbird has the inventory, knowledge and expertise to handle every aspect of your stage rental in NYC, from helping to determine the perfect entertainment platform, to load-in, build, and tear down.

All staging can be made ADA compliant and BML-Blackbird’s years of experience assures your event will be compliant with all local laws. We can also fabricate custom pieces when needed. Staging prices vary depending on many factors. BML-Blackbird offers a complete price proposal for your approval before any work begins so you’re sure to stay within budget.

Let’s take a look at some of the staging inventory on hand in our 50,000- square-foot warehouse in New Jersey.

Decks by Staging Concepts

Staging Concepts is the industry-leading builder of portable lightweight modular staging solutions. BML-Blackbird carries Staging Concepts exclusively and can create any size stage for your event, no matter how large or small. Because it’s a modular system, BML-Blackbird can design, configure and build the perfect stage for any special event, from a simple speaker’s platform to a full blown Broadway theater stage set or rock extravaganza.

Modular 4’ x 8’ Standard Platforms

This standard decking can be creatively combined to make any size or shape stage needed. Pricing is based upon the actual size of the stage, and because construction is modular, you can always get exactly what you need for your stage rental in NYC.

Circular Stages

Staging concepts also offers high quality decking for circular stages and other custom shapes. Because our designers create the perfect stage to fit the aesthetic needs of your event as well as working within the parameters of the physical environment, we will create the stage that’s perfect for you, including outdoor stage roof systems and all-weather platforms. BML-Blackbird can also custom fabricate pieces if they’re not available so your only limit is your imagination…. and your budget!

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Press & Media Platforms and Risers

We’ve worked with professional sports teams, some of the biggest bands in the world and have built media platforms and press risers for all types of events from awards ceremonies to major press events. We know what it takes to create a safe and functional staging area for the press, photographers and video feeds.

Rolling Stages (Drum Risers)

BML-Blackbird has produced thousands of events. Major rock concerts and theater performances often require quick set changes or band change-overs, and one way to accomplish this quickly is by using rolling sub-stages. When you work with a professional technical event production company like BML-Blackbird, we have the equipment and expertise to make sure your event goes flawlessly. We have a variety of rolling stages in our warehouse and we can also fabricate the perfect piece for you if necessary.

Halftime Stages

At BML-Blackbird we’ve worked on some of the largest productions in the world including The MetLife Stadium opening with Green Day and the 12/12/12 Concert at Madison Square Garden. We’re extremely proud of our work creating custom staging solutions for numerous NFL halftime shows. Producing a full production with very limited time to set up and tear down is a challenge we’ve met flawlessly on numerous occasions. We can provide you with the perfect halftime staging solution.

Other Staging Services

BML-Blackbird can handle all aspects of staging any event. Staging can be built to any height, and we have a full selection of specialty wheels to create easily movable staging or quickly swap bands during a concert performance. If you have performers or speakers in need of ADA compliant ramps or specialty stairs, we offer a full selection in our vast inventory. We also offer a selection of risers, guardrails and chair rails. Whatever your stage rental in NYC needs, we can create, fabricate, load-in, build and tear down any stage configuration to make your event truly spectacular.

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Case Study: New York Jets

In 2010 the New York Jets organization approached BML-Blackbird to produce and stage several events during the season including their home opener, broadcast on national television, and the halftime show on Thanksgiving. We designed and provided a complete production including building custom mobile staging solutions, providing broadcast quality lights and sound and complete set-up and teardown, all in under 13 minutes!

The home opener featured Green Day and the cast of the Broadway Hit Musical American Idiot. BML-Blackbird specifically designed a staging solution to pull off this huge feat. There aren’t many companies that can move a world-class rock band and musical cast onto an NFL field, have the lighting and sound TV broadcast quality and then break down the stage in under 13 minutes, but BML-Blackbird  did! And we did it all over again on Thanksgiving night when we produced the Rock of Ages Halftime Spectacular!

We were honored to return to the Meadowlands in 2011 to produce the unforgettable 9/11 Tribute at the home opener and have continued to wow audiences by providing sound, lighting and staging for the Jets organization at rallies held in New York City, the new Meadowlands Stadium and at the Jets’ facility in Florham Park.

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If we’ve done all of this, imagine what we can do for you! We bring the same dedication, knowledge, talent, creativity and professionalism to every event we produce. If you need a stage rental in NYC, give one of our team members a call. We can help you with every step of the technical event production process from designing the perfect stage, to lighting, sound, technical assistance and production staff.

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