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As an event producer in the New York market, building an effective team is crucial to your success. In fact, in today’s market it’s more important than ever to create an event that will stand out from your competitors. The technical aspects of your event are paramount to achieving this goal. Lighting, sound, staging and video are more important than ever for creating the magic that will dazzle your guests, leave them talking about your event for days afterwards and build anticipation for your next spectacular happening!

Adding full-service technical event production in NYC is a great way to ensure that your events enthrall your guests and ensure success for everyone involved. There are many advantages to working with a full-service technical event production company. From the proposal to the tear down after your event, having a professional technical crew handling every aspect of your production offers benefits beyond simply providing the gear.

The leading company in the New York/New Jersey market that has been providing full-service technical event production in NYC for over 40 years is BML-Blackbird. As a market leader, we are the technical event production company many other companies, such as the New York Jets, the Concert for New York and Insomniac, turn to for handling every technical aspect of their events.

We bring the highest level of knowledge, professionalism, passion, creativity and talent to every event we produce. Let’s look at how working with a leading technical event production company like BML-Blackbird can bring value and expertise to your event and take if from ordinary to extraordinary.


Event lighting has changed tremendously in the past two decades as computer technology has transformed the way lighting is operated, designed and used. Our staff at BML-Blackbird has deep knowledge of and experience with the most current lighting technologies and how to creatively apply them to enhance any event.

While older traditional lighting fixtures had a somewhat limited range in terms of changeability and variety, the newer fixtures are incredibly flexible and detailed. They can be programmed to project patterns, text and even corporate logos. With hundreds of parameters available, the fixtures are controlled by detailed computerized lighting boards. Our technicians and board operators are all trained in their expert use.

Lighting can create otherworldly effects when properly designed and operated. When working with a professional technical event producer like BML-Blackbird, you can be confident that your lighting will be a spectacular element of your event.

technical event production nyc


Nothing can ruin an event quicker than subpar audio. As an industry leader, we have experience building systems that deliver flawless sound reinforcement. Having serviced hundreds of events, we have the expertise to design the right sound system to fit the venue, the entertainment needs and your audience demographics.

Whether it’s a corporate meeting, a wedding or a speaker’s symposium, BML-Blackbird has the experience, knowledge and creativity to design, install and operate the perfect sound system for your event.


Video technology has become a standard feature of many events. Whether it’s a LED wall used for a sales conference, blended projection mapping for an event or a full camera package for a performance, professional orchestrated video elements can bring a special degree of excitement to every event.

BML-Blackbird has a wide selection of LED in various resolutions and sizes, projectors, screens, playback devices and more. They can design the perfect system for your event.technical event production nyc

Staging, Trussing & Rigging

Incorporating technical event production in NYC is a must if your event requires staging, trussing or rigging. Not only can these these jobs be highly technical, but there are major safety risks and, if done improperly, can put your performers and audience in danger.

BML-Blackbird has a long history of always putting safety and quality workmanship first.  As a testament to our expertise, we were hired to provide the technical event production for the opening of MetLife Stadium, which featured the band Green Day performing at halftime.

We set-up the stage, provided broadcast quality A/V and tore everything down in under 13 minutes! Not many companies can boast that level of expertise, and it’s why the NY Jets trust BML-Blackbird as their technical event production company in NYC for all their needs!

Complete Inventory of Lighting Sound, Video and Staging

Another value of working with a leading company of full-service technical event production in NYC, like BML-Blackbird, is the depth of their inventory. We are housed in a 50,000 square foot warehouse facility in Secaucus, New Jersey stacked with a plethora of equipment. From traditional lighting and dimmers, to the latest LED and moving light fixtures, consoles, microphones, LED walls, staging and trussing, we have one of the largest on-hand inventories in the industry and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find it.

technical event production nyc

Professional Design Services

Understanding and operating the newest lighting, sound and video technology is critical to any event’s success, but if the lighting design isn’t spectacular, your event won’t be a memorable an experience for your guests. Working with a professional company like BML-Blackbird for your technical event production in NYC gives you access to our network of world-class lighting designers who can create the effects that will wow your audience.

With a deep understanding for the capabilities of equipment and a thorough comprehension of your creative vision and event goals, the designers that work with us can create the perfect atmosphere and ensure a coherent, continuous aesthetic for any event. Sound, video and lighting can help to establish your event theme, add continuity and flow to your event and create magic that will leave your guests in awe.

Budget Predictability and Perfect Communication

Working with a single source for technical event production in NYC can offer benefits beyond gear, creativity, knowledge and expertise. They understand you’re doing this to make a profit and will ensure every aspect of your technical event needs are covered  in your proposal before you write your deposit check.

BML-Blackbird provides you with predictability. By clearly outlining your costs at the proposal stage, and informing you of any additional costs and how they may be accrued, you will have a predictable technical production budget. When things change, as we all know they probably will, BML-Blackbird will change with you while keeping your budget in mind.  Plus, a single source vendor for all of your technical needs means less chance of miscommunication between vendors.

We will build a team for your event that has experience working together across disciplines. If your event is large or complicated, we will add a production manager to your team. This means one point of contact and none of the communications issues that often plague events with multiple vendors.

Before planning your next event, give us a call! We’ll meet with you and show you exactly how our company can bring value to your event far beyond simply providing the equipment. We want to be a trusted member of your team, not just a hired gun. Most importantly, we possess the knowledge, experience, expertise, creativity and talent to make your next event magical!

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