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88 rising - PC Corey Peirone
88 rising – Photo credit: Corey Peirone

Panasonic Robotic Cameras

BML-Blackbird’s arsenal of high quality equipment includes the phenomenal Panasonic Robotic Cameras.  These cameras are full HD broadcast quality with integrated pan-tilt mechanism performance for smooth moves during video capture and are fantastic for smaller spaces where there is not enough room for a camera and camera operator. They can be mounted on truss or towers and have high quality remote production with adjustment capabilities for precision imaging.

Our video production team used them with superb results at Coney Island and at Pier 17 for the 2018 summer concert series

Elation Proteus (weatherproof) fixtures

kings pier 17 rain2
Heavy rain at the Kings of Leon concert – Pier 17

BML-Blackbird offers the phenomenal weatherproof Elation Professional’s Proteus™ discharge-lamp moving head lights. These intelligent lighting solutions were designed to deliver the high performance you need, even in inclement weather conditions. 

The Proteus Beam is a professional moving head beam luminaire with top-level functionality, power and amazing features including the ability to control it remotely from up to 2,000 feet away!  We offer both wash and profile/hybrid fixtures that are the best choice for any outdoor winter lighting projects.  Whether rain, sleet, slush, snow, or ice, none of this can stop the Proteus fixtures from working flawlessly.

We used these lighting fixtures all summer 2018 at Pier 17, an outdoor concert/event venue in New York City. The occasional thunderstorms were no match for the Elation Proteus fixtures!      

black drape2

Drape Rentals

Traditional drapes are an industry necessity for masking and backdrops.  BML-Blackbird now offers drape & pipe rentals in  black and beige/cream: 15′, 20’, 30’, 40’, and 50’ high flat panels.

We are ready to take your reservations!