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Planning a corporate event takes a team of talented professionals to help you handle the many details, and one member of your event team you cannot afford to forget is a full-service technical event production company. Today, every corporate event production needs to utilize the correct audio/visual technology for their event to make an impact. Lighting, sound, video, audio and staging all work together to create the magic that can take an event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Working with a full-service technical event production company can significantly reduce your to-do list in terms of planning and setting up your event. Along with the benefits of a single contact and one invoice for a large portion of your event services, a professional company brings years of experience, expertise, knowledge of the newest state-of-the-art technology, talent and creativity to the table.
When you partner with a professional company that has been working in the NY market for a number of years, you can rest assured that they have had a hand in meeting hundreds of technical event production challenges just like yours.

Let’s take a look at the A/V essentials for producing a successful corporate event production in a competitive market like New York including equipment, logistics and staffing.

Your Team

Technical staffing is a key component of any production, especially a corporate event. Working with a professional technical event production company means that you’ll have a pool of talented individuals to work with. They can provide:


From loading the truck to building your stage, hanging lighting and tearing it all down when the show is over, your crew performs a vital function. They have the experience and knowledge to build anything with a focus on safety.

Project Managers

These are your go-to contacts and are responsible for making sure the process runs smoothly from the day you begin working with them. Your project manager will be with you from start to finish, coordinating the perfect team for your corporate event. Your project manager is aware of every detail and works to make it happen on time.

Video Team

Whether you’re doing multiple camera shoots for your event or streaming a live web broadcast, your full-service technical event production company can provide a video production crew. They will provide the camera operators, projectionists, directors and more, as needed.

Working with a professional company means that your technical staffing needs are covered. Since they build their team from in-house, you can be assured that communication and execution will go flawlessly, from loading in and setting up, to running the show and tearing it all down.

corporate event productionGeneral Equipment

No matter what your equipment needs, your technical event production company will have a warehouse full of the latest state-of-the-art gear including all necessary cabling, power supplies and wiring. If they don’t have a piece of gear in stock, they’ll know where to get it. Your event may need a combination of the following:


Lighting can set the entire tone of your event before your guests even enter the building. LED uplighting and projected logos can introduce them to your event as they approach the venue. Once inside, beautiful chandeliers and atmospheric lighting can create intimacy and excitement. LED lighting can highlight architectural details, warm red washes of light can accentuate your guests and food and subtle pin spots can highlight and draw focus to centerpieces and floral arrangements. Your lighting may include computerized lighting boards or standard dimmers, along with the technical staff to run them if necessary.

If your corporate event production includes entertainment, your team can create anything from a spotlight on a speaker to full-blown concert lighting. You’re only limited by your imagination… and your budget!

corporate event production

Sound System

Whether it’s a panel discussion, your CEO’s keynote address or your live band, nothing is worse than muddy sound. Your technical event production company can provide the latest state-of-the-art audio support systems including speakers, power amps, cabling, microphones and digital mixing boards.
Whatever your needs, your technical production company can assure that your sound system will be the perfect size to fit your venue and will provide crystal clear audio reproduction to listeners anywhere in the venue.


If your event requires a simple screen for a visual presentation, cameras for a multi-camera shoot or a web streaming set-up for a live broadcast, you’re covered. Your technical event production company will carry a full line of digital cameras, screens, switching and distribution equipment that will integrate perfectly with your audio and lighting systems.

Staging, Rigging and Trussing

Although not “technically” A/V, your production partner will be able to provide staging, rigging and trussing for your event. When it comes to creating staging and rigging, safety comes first. Your technical event production company will have qualified riggers on staff to create a perfectly safe environment for your artists and guests, whether you’re building a totally independent structure or supplementing a venue’s existing set up.

Working with a technical corporate event production company can make your event a success. They bring a depth of knowledge to the table along with the creativity, staff and equipment to cover all of your needs. If they’ve been in the market for a while, they probably have experience with your venue and will already know all of its idiosyncrasies and logistics, which can save you both time and money.

Adding a technical event production company to your team is a smart move. They will work with you more as a partner than simply a hired company, and their primary focus is the success of your event. From the planning and design stages right through event night, you can trust that their attention to detail and professionalism will work to make your corporate event production a success, meeting and hopefully exceeding your creative vision and event goals.

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