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Organizing a successful event from start to finish is a complicated task that consists of many complex parts that need to come together perfectly. From finding a venue, to staffing, booking talent, staging and permitting, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed at times. If you want to grow your business, there may even come a time when you take on a bigger project than you’re typically used to handling.

It may be time to consider adding a technical event production company to your team. They will not only help you with the technical aspects and equipment needs of your event, they can also help with the direction, creative vision, logistics, staffing and even budget.

Let’s examine five signs that it may be time to hire a technical event production company in NYC.

1.  Equipment Sourcing and Procurement

Challenge: Special events today often feature the latest technology available in lighting, sound, video and staging. As an event producer, it’s often your job to provide the technology behind the event. Do you have a supplier? If you can’t find the technology you need, do you know where to look? Often talent you’ve booked will include requests for special gear in their contract that you need to fulfill or the event you’re producing may require specialty equipment that you aren’t familiar with.

Solution: Working with a technical event production company in NYC can take this problem right off your to do list. First, they are current in their knowledge of the latest technology in all areas including video, sound, lighting and staging, and proficient in its use. Often they will have the items needed in their inventory, and even if they don’t, they will know whom to call to get it there.

In addition, they can provide you or refer you to an experienced event production manager that can act as a liaison with your talent, speak their language and provide alternatives if the equipment requested is not available. Having a PM also gives you an extra air of professionalism. Plus, the time you’d save by not having to research and hunt down the technology can be redirected towards more mission-critical tasks!

event production company NYC

2.  Vendor Recommendations and Coordination

Challenge: You may find that you don’t have the connections you thought you had in the New York market, or worse, your usual vendors are already booked or have fallen through.

Solution: Even though you’ve hired a technical event production company in NYC to provide equipment, they have been working in the market for years and have worked with hundreds of vendors. In other words, they know EVERYONE! It’s very likely that they know the perfect vendor to help you out with catering, staffing, giveaways or entertainment. Just ask!

3.  Budget Allocation

Challenge: Are you sure you’ve allocated your budget properly? Budgeting for an event can be difficult when you have all of the pieces in place, and downright scary if you’re fuzzy on the vendors or exact details regarding catering, staffing, lighting, sound, staging and other needs.

Solution: There are rarely surprises when working with a professional technical event production company in NYC. They will work closely with you to nail down the exact numbers for their services and equipment rentals to help you stay on budget. Their goal is to provide you with top notch professional service within your budget, helping you to create the best event possible.

event production company NYC

4. Pressure With Meeting Multiple Deadlines

Challenge: Producing an event, especially a larger scale production is about hitting targets and goals on deadline. If you’ve missed or are about to miss a critical deadline you need to go directly into damage control mode and push to get back on track. Coordinating multiple vendors within a narrow, fixed, timeframe can be one of the greatest challenges to pulling off a successful event.

Solution: You need to have a solid team behind you when it comes to meeting deadlines. By handing the technical aspects to a qualified professional company, you can be assured that they’ve got your back. You need to know who to turn to and what to do to get back on track.

A great technical event production company in NYC will have gained the experience and knowledge to know what to do, and the flexibility to deal with unforeseen challenges that will come up when organizing an event. They’ve done it, seen it and fixed it many times over the years and will work hard to get you back on track and meet deadline!

event production company NYC

5. Event Management

Challenge: Your job as the event producer is to micromanage every aspect of the event, from flowers and catering to staging and video walls. Sometimes during the heat of production, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. If you’re putting out fires replacing staff, it can be impossible to maintain a creative eye for the overall aesthetic vision you’re trying to create.

Solution: A professional technical event production company is an extra set of eyes that can help you stay focused on the big picture. While they are there to provide technical support and equipment as their primary focus, as a function of their job, they will be aware of all the details of the overall design and your aesthetic vision for your event.

A part of their job is to ensure creative continuity and work to maintain the event’s overall aesthetic to help ensure your vision is successfully achieved!

Conceptualizing, managing and producing a large-scale special event is a challenging endeavor. Even long-time producers can become overwhelmed by unexpected events, even if contingency plans are already in place.

Adding a professional technical event production company to your team is a smart decision. The research time you’ll save along with the knowledge, organizational expertise and management they bring to the table can allow you to redirect your time and energy to focus on other mission-critical tasks.

Working with a professional company in the New York market that has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of various venues, plenty of connections to potential vendors, a professional staff and an understanding of the big picture can help to make your production stand out from your competitors.

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