If you’re an event producer in the New York market, producing a major event consists of hiring numerous vendors and overseeing a myriad of details to ensure success. One factor that can be particularly difficult to organize is the technical production elements of your event. Today, successful events rely on a varying assortment of creative lighting, sound reinforcement, video projection and staging in order to create the magic that sells tickets and keeps your patrons talking.

NYC Stage Rental

Staging can be a particularly tricky area when it comes to obtaining a quote, arranging logistics, building safely and obtaining permits. The best choice for an NYC stage rental is to go with a professional technical event production company that has the experience, knowledge, talent, and equipment to design and create the perfect platform for your event.

Every event is unique. It comes with its own set of challenges, needs and personality. When working with a technical event production company for your NYC stage rental, they will take a number of factors into account when assessing your needs and preparing a price quote for your event staging. Some factors include, physical space constraints, capability of the venue, special artist rider needs, location of the event and more.

One major advantage of working with an experienced professional technical event production company is their ability to prepare a detailed and accurate proposal. Your report will be accurate and possibility of any overages, like time or additional equipment, will be clearly outlined so there are no surprises. Let’s take a look at several of the key factors your technical event production company will consider when preparing your proposal for an NYC stage rental.

Size, Location and Configuration of the Venue

The most important factors that can affect every aspect of your event staging are the size and configuration of the stage and the location and capabilities of the venue. For example, if you’re event is in a facility that already has a stage, you may find that supplementing the the current fixture may best fit your needs. This can often cost significantly less than building an entirely new stage. Are there rolling or moving pieces needed? Does the design require the creation of custom pieces or stairs? These are a few of the elements that can affect not only your equipment costs but your labor as well.

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Length of The Rental

Along with the size of the stage, another factor to consider is the length of the rental. Your technical event production company will factor in the amount of time their equipment will be out of inventory and unavailable to other clients when pricing out your rental. Also, short-term pricing versus, for example, a 30-day rental for a touring theatrical production, will vary greatly. Your proposal will likely outline a cost structure by the day, week or month.

Customization: Adding Barricades, Ramps, etc.

When working with you to assess your needs, your technical event production company can incorporate additional elements in the price to create a full package. Depending on the venue, the entertainment and the event, it may be necessary to add elements like stage barricade, or movable drum risers for a rock concert. All of these elements will be line items in your proposal.

Your NYC stage rental can also include soft good items like pipe and drape, skirting and carpeting. All of these elements are an addition to the standard staging and included price in your proposal. In certain instances, complex builds might require bringing in an engineer to sign off on the build to satisfy municipal requirements. All of these elements add to the cost and are clearly outlined.

nyc stage rental

Logistics, Trucking

This is another variable that will depend on the size of the stage and the location of the event. Logistics include loading all of the equipment in a manner that is logical and contributes to the build. The amount of equipment needed will determine the truck size, and therefore the cost. For a small event like a wedding, this can simply mean a van. For a large event, however, it can involve multiple semi-trucks full of gear. Other factors such as waiting time can also affect the costs.

Staffing and Crew

The final consideration is the labor and staffing required for your event. Regardless if you need your technical event production company to set up a riser or build the stage for a large production, you’ll need a crew, loading personnel, builders and possibly an engineer. Your stage needs to be loaded onto a truck, moved, taken off the truck, built, torn down and returned to the warehouse. This takes a number of skilled people to accomplish it efficiently.

Labor is always included in any NYC stage rental. You’re technical event production company should have experience in dealing with all types situations and be able to plan accordingly. When preparing your quote, they will take labor costs into account, which may include permitting costs and union fees if applicable.

Putting together a quote for an NYC stage rental is a complicated process that requires a lot of up-front work and research by your technical event production company. A professional company will always use accumulated knowledge, experience and an understanding of what’s needed to maintain the safety of your artists, staff and audience to prepare the most accurate quote for your event.

A technical event production company will also take your overall creative vision and event goals into account, as well as the needs of your artists, the venue and regulatory compliance issues.

When you hire and work with a professional technical event production company, your quote isn’t simply a number – it’s an outline of every step and item needed to host a safe, secure and memorable event. You can be rest assured that your technical event production company understands the complexity and challenges of producing a successful event in a city as competitive as New York.

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