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Whether you are planning a corporate sales meeting, an event for shareholders or a trade show, putting together a production can be a challenge. You’ll want to impress and inspire your attendees, maintain and enhance your brand identity and leave your guests talking. Every element from the food and entertainment, to sound, lights and the overall environment needs to work together to create the aesthetic vision you have while still effectively delivering your message.

Planning a corporate event can be a balancing act. From the logistics of finding a venue, hiring caterers, booking entertainment and marketing, to staffing and the technical aspects of your event, you’ll need to build a team of talented professionals to help you handle it all. One valuable component to ensure many of your corporate event services is taken care of is a full-service technical event production company.

A professional full-service technical event production company can work with you to take your corporate event to the next level. Hiring a full-service company means you can count on them having the capability to handle most corporate event services from collaborating on the design for your creative vision to providing the sound, lighting and video equipment necessary, to staffing and running the show on event night. By including full-service technical corporate event services in your planning, you are freeing your time to focus on the details of your event.

Corporate Event Services

In a market as competitive and challenging as New York, you should choose to partner with a technical corporate event services company that has the years of experience, knowledge and capabilities to handle the technical needs of your event. A professional company will also have the creative expertise and ability to keep their eyes on the big picture while cohesively taking your event from planning through to production! Full-service production packages include all of the equipment and personnel from project managers to technicians. A full-service company will have you covered from set-up, through operating your event to the tear down.

Your technical event production company will have an understanding of the technology and how to use it creatively to meet your goals. While a full-service company can cover all of your corporate event services needs, three areas in particular can work together to take your corporate event to the next level. They are sound, lighting and video.


Nothing is worse than a speaker who is muffled, or a band that sounds muddy with unintelligible lyrics. A reputable technical event production company can help ensure never allow that to happen. They are current in the latest digital technologies for sound reinforcement and are equipped with the right gear. A company that has been in the business for a while has gained experience producing live sound for a variety of events.

An experienced technical event production company will be familiar with most local venues and strive to put together the perfect sound system to fit your space and your event. From building the perfect sound system to mixing the event, they will have the talent and gear necessary to make your sound crystal clear.


Creative lighting can transform a mediocre space into a magical environment. Working with your technical event production company’s lighting team, you’ll have access to professionals that understand how to use lighting to transform your event. Whether it’s lighting a stage or creating the perfect mood lighting for dinner, they will have access to the state of the art equipment to make it happen.

Lighting technology has changed and become much more flexible in recent years. Lighting consoles and experienced programmers allow scenes to seamlessly transform the environment throughout your event. Wireless LED uplighting can highlight architectural details of your space with small profile, wireless fixtures that are 100 percent safe, with no wires to trip over and no heat generated making them perfect for any application.

The newest intelligent lighting fixtures offer hundreds of color choices and can even be programmed to display your corporate colors or logo in light. Shapes and textures can be programmed to transform a static wall into an artistic moving tableau. With the latest technology you are only limited by your budget and imagination.

corporate event services


Whether you want to record your event for the web or broadcast your CEO’s keynote address on a giant screen, adding a video component to your corporate event is easy with a full-service technical event production company.

Your technical event production company can provide you with a project coordinator to keep an eye on the big picture and make sure that the overall aesthetic of your event is maintained throughout, including any video footage. A professional company can explain your video options and help you determine which video medium will best suit your needs, and help you to achieve your event goals.

Additional Services

The benefits of working with a full-service company goes beyond sound, lighting and video when it comes to corporate event services. While these three components can work together to take the success of your corporate event to the next level, a full-service company can also provide designers, technical staff, staging, rigging, soft goods (like curtains, scrims or backdrops), special effects and more.

Every special event offers a unique set of challenges. A full-service technical production company will have the experience gained from successfully executing countless events just like yours. Their creativity, knowledge, experience, expertise, dedication and single-minded focus on your success makes adding a full-service company to your team a smart business decision.

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