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Today, in the extremely competitive New York and New Jersey markets, many special event producers are increasingly turning to more elaborate uses of technology to truly make their production stand out from the competition. From elaborate lighting systems to high-resolution LED video walls, the technical production side of your event is a critical element for its success. This often means incorporating event video as a part of your production.

Planning and producing an event requires a team. A key member of your team is a professional, full-service technical event production company. Creating a truly memorable special event requires sound, lighting, staging and event video. Budgeting, especially when it comes to video services, can be challenging.

When it comes to video, even small changes can be an expensive undertaking, that’s why it’s key to work closely with professionals during the earliest planning stages and throughout your production.

Building Your Event

Depending on your venue, when planning and creating your event, you will most likely spend a significant portion of your budget on the technical requirements. Special events in a market as competitive as New York or New Jersey require a tremendous amount of technical expertise and creativity to stand out from your competitors. This often means designing fabulous interiors using state-of-the-art lighting, staging, rigging, sound and video.

Working with a full-service technical event production company can take all of your technical needs and place them in a single basket. That means that your project manager can build a team of professionals to handle each aspect of your technical production and meet all of your needs such as creating your event designs, plotting your lights and building the stage.

As video has gained in popularity, many event planners face challenges when it comes to allocating resources. Your cost completely depends on your needs which can sometimes be hard to pinpoint. At times, seemingly small changes can drastically increase costs.

For example, if your video needs are seemingly simple, say a single projection screen for a meeting or conference, you will need a single camera, an operator and minimal post-production time to create a beautiful keepsake for the bride and groom. Your budget is fairly low and somewhat fixed; lighting and sound needs are more flexible and manageable

Now, another event, for example, a business conference with a large LED video wall behind the speakers showing live video feeds from three cameras positioned throughout the room will require a much bigger budgetary and staffing commitment. If, for example, those cameras are projecting live video feeds, you will need switchers and distribution boxes to get the video to the screen, a producer/director/technician calling camera shots live and a dedicated live “production room”. Obviously, a much more complicated and costly affair!

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Managing Your Budget

Every special event production is unique in its scope but during the advance, your costs can be determined and set. But the one certainty in this industry is that nothing is certain so there are often changes to be made.

Often these changes are simple and the change is cost, if necessary, will be obvious. One exception to this is when changing or adding additional video content. If the system designed does not have the capacity to support this added content, the playback and switching capabilities will have to be upgraded. In some cases these changes to playback, switching and distribution can be costly. What appear to be small additions or changes can dramatically affect your budget.

This is where pre-production planning and working with a full-service technical event production company can really pay off. A full-service company will ask the pertinent questions and help you flush out what your needs are going to do be. They will then design a system that accommodates those needs while keeping your budget mind.

Your technical team will also work with you to specifically determine your production needs it terms of graphics, concept, and camera choice. The quality and flexibility of your camera can make a considerable difference in both the quality of the finished product and the editing options, if needed.

Many events will include mobile video cameras, which broadcast live shots to a video wall during a performance, dance party, business conference or trade show. The needs for that type of event video are very different than for example filming a conference for later distribution. All of these factors are weighed during the preparation of your quote so that you will know exactly what to expect in terms of budget allocation.

Make The Smart Choice!

Working with a full-service technical event production company is the best way to keep your budget in check and make sure that it is properly allocated to provide the most bang for your dollars. BML-Blackbird has been providing full-service technical event production to clients in the Northeast, New York and New Jersey for over four decades!

From celebrations and social gatherings to trade shows, marketing promotions and half-time shows, they have the experience, expertise and equipment to handle all of your event’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone video solution or a full-service package, BML-Blackbird is the industry expert in audio production, creative lighting design, staging and video production.

They will work closely with you to keep an eye on the overall aesthetic of your event, an essential element in providing your clients and guests with the once in a lifetime experience they’re seeking. That big picture outlook, combined with their experience, expertise and  can help you with every aspect of your production including choosing the video medium best suited to your event goals.

If you’re planning an event, make sure to give BML-Blackbird call! A member of the team can help you to understand all of your options and will work closely with you to make sure your next special event will delight your guests and leave them talking long after it’s over!

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