Finding a stage for rent in a competitive market like New York City is easy, but finding the right stage for your event can be challenging. Staging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with numerous options. You need to find a stage that exactly matches the needs of your entertainment, fits in the venue space and enhances your environment’s aesthetic.

A smart decision is to work with a full-service technical event production company. They will work with you and your talent to create the perfect platform to meet your needs.  Creating a memorable event in a market as booming as New York City is a balance of state-of-the-art creative lighting, sound reinforcement and staging. A full-service technical event production company can work with you to ensure that each element of your production comes together perfectly.

Let’s examine how working with a full-service technical event production company can help you to find the perfect solution when it comes time to find a stage to rent for your next special event.

Working With Your Venue

One of the many advantages of working with a qualified technical event production company is the experience, knowledge and expertise they bring to the table. If they’ve been in business for a while, they will have experience working with venues throughout the market. There is a good chance they will know the capabilities, layout and logistical challenges of the venue.

Depending on your event, they may be able to work with the venue’s existing structure reducing the additional staging needed to meet your needs. This can save you significant money that can be reallocated to other areas of the production.

Another key benefit of putting your production needs in the capable hands of a technical event production company is that they have the capability to assume all of the responsibility for your event staging beyond finding a stage to rent. They will work with you during every step of the process from conceptualizing the space, to designing, planning, building, pulling permits and involving engineers when necessary. If needed on the day of your event, they will come in, set-up and maintain the stage and then break it all down and move it out when the show’s over.

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Custom Touches

Your technical event production company can help with you understand any safety regulations that need to be met.  They can also aid in the artist advance to make sure that the performer’s needs are met.

Depending on the event, the venue and the entertainment you may need to customize your staging by adding elements, such as a speaker’s podium for a trade show or a catwalk for a fashion show. They will incorporate risers, stairs, barricades and ramps when appropriate.

Because they are full-service, your technical event production company can also help you with “soft goods” to create the perfect environment on stage. Soft goods include “pipe and drape” backdrops and more. If your staging is particularly complex, it may be necessary to bring in an engineer to sign off on the build to meet municipal or safety requirements. But don’t worry, your technical event production company will have it covered!

Staffing and Technicians

Building a customized stage for rent is a task requiring a skilled crew. Whether it’s simply setting up a riser on a venue’s existing stage or building a freestanding stage, you’ll need a crew to handle logistics, the load-in of equipment, the build and tear down of equipment after your event.  Because of their experience in the industry, your technical event production company will provide staffing to handle it all.  

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Comprehensive Proposal

Finally, working with a qualified, professional technical event production company can make managing your budget much easier. They will take the specifics of your event’s unique needs, personality and challenges into account when preparing a comprehensive quote. Because they are a full-service company, they understand the relationship of each facet of your production, which means that your budget will incorporate savings whenever possible.

As a producer you have to be aware of how each dollar of your budget is allocated. Working with a full-service technical event production company can help you to budget wisely. In the New York and New Jersey market, BML-Blackbird is the leading provider of technical event production services. This is because we combine shipping, integrated lighting and audio into your staging quote to help make your budget stretch even further!

Finding a stage for rent doesn’t have to be difficult. At BML-Blackbird, we will walk you through your proposal, offer you options and suggest alternatives to meet your needs and maximize your budget. When you’re getting ready to plan your next event, give us a call and let us show you how working with BML-Blackbird for your next event can help you to reach your goals and dazzle your guests!

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